For NHL star Taylor Hall, his gym bag is all about function over fun and making sure he gets the best work out possible.

Taylor Hall entered the NHL back in 2010 as a first round draft pick for the Edmonton Oilers and was traded to the New Jersey Devils in 2016. Since making a home with the Devils, his career has seen a resurgence and he has undeniably become instrumental to their success. 

The 2017-18 season was a hot one for the Devils with Hall scoring a career-high 93 points (39 goals, 54 assists) in 76 games and helping New Jersey qualify for the Stanley Cup Playoffs for the first time in six seasons. The efforts didn’t go unnoticed, in 2018 Hall won the Hart Trophy as the NHL’s  most valuable player. 

Off the ice Hall has expanded his horizons, partnering with eyewear line BonLook on their first-ever men’s collaboration. All that aside, the past year for the 27-year-old left winger and alternate captain has been a test of determination. A knee injury cost him most of last season, and surgery early this year has put him on the road to recovery. 

Few NHL players have felt both the highs and lows of their careers like Hall. We caught up with him to talk recovery, his offseason regimen, game day style and what essentials he takes in his gym bag to train like a pro. 

— What is the meaning behind the names of glasses in your BonLook collection?

I chose four names: Kingston, Louise, and Andrew. Louise is the middle name of my girlfriend. Andrew is the middle name of my best friend growing up. Kingston is my hometown and a place that’s pretty close to me; a place where I do charity work in the summers and try and give back to the community. And Augusta is the site of the Master’s Golf Tournament. I have a passion for golf, and it’s where I was when some of the designing took place.  

— How do you get ready for game day?

Game day is always fun to pick out what you’re wearing.  I have a suit guy and stylist that I work with, Tom Marchitelli, his instagram is @GentsPlaybook. He’s done a lot for me, with my suits and the way I look going into the arena. I’m not too crazy. You’re not going to see me wearing a fedora or anything.

— What do you keep in your gym bag?

I always have my shaker bottle that I can mix various proteins, electrolytes, or after-workout drinks in it. My heart rate monitor to keep track of my workouts. Sometimes you do a workout and you feel like it was really hard but you look at your monitor and you weren’t stressed out physically as much as you thought. And my electric vibrating foam roller. Other than that, I have normal gym clothes and a hat to keep the sweat off my face.

— What are you listening to in the gym right now?

I like a lot of EDM and music and upbeat tunes to keep the workout going. If I had to pick two songs, I’d say Ritual by Tiesto and Higher Love by Kygo

– How do you train in the off season or through recovery?

I do a lot of lower body, most of my training is pretty hockey specific. I had knee surgery in February so I haven’t been able to play tennis or anything that I normally would to keep those muscles moving. Golf is a huge part of most hockey player’s summers. I do a lot of biking, it’s a good way to keep your legs in shape and strong. I also did a couple of different yoga classes with my girlfriend this summer, yoga is a bit slow for me but it was fun to target the abs and the upper body for a bit and spend some time with her.

— On cheat days, what is your guilty pleasure?

I don’t have much of a sweet tooth. If I’m going to have a cheat meal, it’s going to be a cheeseburger and piece of pizza. Something with some calories in it.

— As an alternate captain, what is your leadership style on and off the ice?

I’m a quiet guy. I don’t talk a lot in the dressing room. A lot of my leadership both on and off the ice comes from leading by example. In my personal life, I try to be a good example to the people around me and have a strong work ethic and be someone who is honest and can be relied upon. Those are some of the qualities in my best friends and teammates I can really rely on and count on.  I try to be the same way in my personal life and in hockey. You need to be able to trust the guys you’re playing with. 

Taylor Hall, Bonlook ad
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