TWISSM: May 3, 2019 – 200 Women in Hockey Say They Won’t Play


TWISSM: May 3, 2019 – 200 Women in Hockey Say They Won’t Play


This Week in Sports Social Media……we’re doing everything we can to avoid the disaster that is the Raptors playoff run so instead we will shine light on a handful of great things that come with question marks. From the plight of professional Women’s hockey to North America’s most progressive sports league to celebrating some of the greatest performers and performances of all time, the distractions for Canadian hoops fans are abound.

200 Women say they won’t play

In one of the most powerful statements ever made in pro sports, 200 of the world’s best women hockey players are saying they won’t play anywhere in North America until a viable league emerges. Sparked by the recent folding of the CWHL not to mention annual salaries as low as $2,000, these women have had it and they stand united in saying it isn’t worth it until it is.

Big 3 joins forces with CBD

While women playing hockey can’t manage to find a buck anywhere, one of the world’s most innovative sports leagues, the Big 3, has struck a partnership with CBD MD, who’s patches will appear on jerseys of NBA legends taking the court this summer league wide. CBD MD has also somehow found its way into the PGA tour with Bubba Watson now sponsoring the brand proving that its a whole new world out there.

Zero says VC shattering dreams

 Is it still news if it’s been announced every year for nearly a decade? We don’t know for sure but what we do know is that this week Vince Carter announced that he’d come back for his 22nd season prompting Gilbert Arenas to suggest that he should think again and let someone younger have a shot. Last we checked Glibert sealed the early end to his career with a bullet and wasn’t the best mentor out there when he played so maybe he should just let VC be.

Messi really is the greatest

While the debate on the greatness of Vince Carter’s career will wait for another year to begin, over on the soccer pitch there’s no debating really who the greatest to ever do it is. This week in a Champion’s League match vs Liverpool, Messi found the back of the net twice in glorious fashion. Better still, he’s scored against every English team he’s ever faced ensuring that an entire nation of soccer crazed fans never forget just how good he still is.

When a gem meets a bomb

Greats aren’t made overnight either but some people like Noah Syndergaard are just born to dominate their sport and this week he had one of the best performances baseball has ever seen. Not only did the guy nicknamed Thor throw a complete game/shutout for the Mets but he also accounted for the only run, sending a solo home run over the the Citi Field outfield wall. At 26, Syndergaard wasn’t even alive when the feat last happened 36 years ago.

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