TWISSM: May 24, 2019 – One Win Away From the NBA Finals


TWISSM: May 24, 2019 – One Win Away From the NBA Finals

All is fair in war and war.

This Week in Sports Social Media….if you don’t believe us Canadian fans, pinch yourself because the the only team north of the 44th parallel is one win away from the NBA Finals. Of course they have the winners of 3 of the last 4 trophies waiting for them but the social media world couldn’t be more lit up with excitement. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not there yet but we bet you’re feeling as good as Drake about this team so to salute Kawhi, Kyle and the gang, this week’s TWISSM is all about the Raps and this amazing unprecedented run.

Drake steals the game 4 spotlight


..and who are we to stop him? Evening the series in Game 4 with the most decisive win yet of the series, the social media world went nuts with Drake’s antics throughout the game. From taunting the Greek Freak to giving coach Nurse a little shoulder rub, lets just say keep it up Drizzy!

Kawhi mural gets a reboot

Snoop reppin’ the Raps in Toronto 👀
[via @joshua.diamante]

It’s only been a couple of weeks since the Kawhi mural first popped up on Queen Street West storefront OD Toronto but already it got a reboot, depicting the shot that won game 7 vs. the Sixers. Inside the store you’ll also find a mural of Kawhi watching it go in that had even Snoop Dogg had to stop by and get a snap of. 

Ka’wine and Dine campaign takes off

What do you say Mr Prime Minister? 🇨🇦 @justinpjtrudeau

Building momentum along with the this playoff run has been all sorts of pushes from people across the city to get Kawhi to stay in TO after this season. Over at Sportsnet, Tim and Sid took out some billboards while one Toronto realtor offered Kawhi a penthouse gratis. Still our favourite is the Ka’wine and Dine Campaign that is getting restaurants to sign up and post stickers pledging free meals for the guy if he re-signs. Do they even know how much he can eat though?

Raps all business before Game 5

ECF Runway

Beyond all the celebrations on social media, the Raps remained very quiet on social media but heading into the pivotal game 5, they were all business. 

Drake’s game 5 Stories from Jurassic Park

Back at the crib. #WeTheNorth

And while there was a great game to be played, if you weren’t in Jurassic Park watching it, you could follow along as Drake turned the ante up on the antics. While his whole crew rocked the stage, @champagnepapi was fully immersed in social media warfare with the Bucks and their fans, one in particular being one of the co-owners daughters who thought it was wise to troll Drizzy with a Pusha T t-shirt. Nothing a road win or 50+ million followers can’t solve as Drake and the Raps got the last laugh on this night 

Check out some of Drake’s insta-savagery here:

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