TWISSM: May 17, 2019 – Mother’s Day Edition


TWISSM: May 17, 2019 – Mother’s Day Edition


This Week in Sports Social Media while we’re still coming down from those four bounces on Kawhi’s game 7 buzzer beater that just may change the course of an entire franchise, we realize we need to catch you up on everything else happening in the wide world of sports. So with that in mind, we look back on a big week that saw the death of tanking in the NBA, the inevitable from the next generations power hitter, a QB have a GOT cameo, a country get behind their ladies and best of all, a bunch of athletes praise their mothers. 

RIP Tanking

The ping pong balls didn’t quite bounce the way anyone expected this week in the NBA who held their annual lottery to increasing fanfare thanks to some kid named Zion Williamson. Oh yeah, a Canadian kid named RJ Barrett was there too.

There both pretty good at basketball. Funny story though. When some accountant opened up the ‘secret’ envelopes that revealed the draft order, it was the New Orleans Pelicans who had only a 6% chance to win the first pick who landed the rights to draft the most hyped kid since Lebron. Expect RJ to head to the Knicks where at pick #3 where he’ll get to play his hometown Raps on the regular. 

Vlad takes 2 over the wall

Over on the diamond, everyone has been patiently waiting for Vlad Guerero to hit his first home run and this week he obliged with not one but two a couple of days ago in San Francisco. With the big kid just getting started in the big leagues, expect a lot of balls flying over the Skydome fence this summer. 

Aaron Rodgers does GOT

Speaking of summer, once these NBA and NHL playoffs are wrapped up in a few weeks its officially the dog days but one NFL QB who has been on break for a while managed to grab headlines this week with a cameo in some show called Game of Thrones. Have you heard of it? We hear its popular and a lot of people watched but from we gather, if you blink you may have missed the cameo but that didn’t stop the social media world from having a little fun with it. 

Canadian Women’s Soccer Squad gets ready for Mexico en route to Paris

Back to actual sports, this week Canada’s Women’s National Soccer Team are in Toronto to face Mexico on Saturday in a friendly that will be their final match in Canada before embarking on their journey to the World Cup in Paris this summer. This squad is packed with young studs and vets with chips on their shoulder so expect the tune up vs Mexico to be a fun one for the home crowd who have been showing up in droves to support these ladies. 

Athletes Celebrate Mother’s Day

Speaking of ladies, even with a crazy game 7 on Sunday, the most watched NBA game in Canadian history, no one forget to celebrate the most important ones in their lives. Yes, Sunday was Mother’s Day and athletes from all walks of life were celebrating theirs in grand social media style. Here’s a few of our favs. 

Auston Matthews

Mitch Marner

Dwayne Wade


Shaquille O’Neal

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