TWISSM: July 15, 2019 – Djokovic Clinches Wimbledon


TWISSM: July 15, 2019 – Djokovic Clinches Wimbledon


This Week in Sports Social Media…..signs of summer bookmarked the week that was starting with baseball’s midseason classic and ending with another amazing finish at Wimbledon. In between we saw some numbers change and a couple of records set so whoever said sports in summer were slow obviously ins’t paying attention.

Vlad goes yard, a lot


While the Jays don’t have a ton to root for this year, one thing is certain is that Vlad Guererro Jr will be a star and on Monday night he showed it, nearly 100 times over. In probably the greatest home run derby of all time, Jr. went yard over and over again setting a single round record than breaking it later in the same night. Unfortunately the Jays 3rd baseman ran out of gas in the final round but boy did he put on a show and serve notice that he’s next.

 Nylander switches it up to 88

Sure he wasn’t the biggest name in sports to change numbers last week (Lebron reversed his switch from 23 to 6 and back to 23 thanks to Nike inventory issues) but the Leafs William Nylander knew going into the offseason that someth, the number he wears for his Swedish National team. Here’s hoping the increase in digits coincides with an increase in points this coming season.

Jennifer Abel raises the bar


No diving isn’t the most popular sport these days but we’d be remiss not to point out that this week that Laval Quebec native Jennifer Abel became Canada’s most decorated athlete ever taking her 9th medal at the World Aquatics Championships. Teaming with her synchronized diving partner Melissa Citrini-Beaulieu, the ladies took home a silver medal catapulting Abel past the country’s most decorated athletes in the pool including fellow diver Alex Despatie and swimmer Ryan Cochrane.

Serena sounds off

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Serena won't change anything

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No she didn’t win Wimbledon. She didn’t even particularly play well but this week some reporter in the UK had the gall to suggest that Serena may be a better tennis player if she stopped fighting for equality so much, or some dumb question to that effect. Thank god for strong women like Serena though who sounded off on the reporter with one of the year’s most quotable response. See for yourself, she ain’t goin’ anywhere.

Wimbledon marathon goes to the Joker

Even though Serena stole the show in one sentence during the week, Sunday at Wimbledon belonged to Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic who engaged in a match for the ages that lasted over 5 hours and ended up being the longest championship match in the tournament’s history. Yes the Joker won but at 37, Federer not only proved he has a lot left in the tank but also continued to cement his status as one of the game’s true GOAT’s.

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