TWISSM: April 12, 2019 – A week of Endings and Beginnings


TWISSM: April 12, 2019 – A week of Endings and Beginnings


This Week in Sports Social Media was a doozy of stops and starts. Of course, it’s Master’s Week and while they’re just getting started, Canadian Corey Conners, who we’ve never heard of but are suddenly rooting for, has the top of the leaderboard in his sights. Meanwhile we had a couple more Canucks turn pro in the hoops dept, one of whom will be inking eight-figure-contracts by summertime. Than there were the stops. Magic decided he wanted to stop running the Lakers because being just Magic was more fun while over in Brooklyn, the ‘Banana Boat’ crew reunited to say goodbye to one of their own and that was just fun.

Corey Starts off Hot in Augusta

He’s definitely not a household name but if he keeps on playing like this he will be before long. Sure we know its early but through the first day Canadian Corey Conners sits four strokes back from the top spot at the Masters and while he is tied with ‘some guy’ named Tiger, we’d much rather see the underdog come through in the end here.

RJ Turns Pro

But really was he ever not really a pro while at Duke? We’d love to see his transcripts but needless to say in spite of the Blue Devils early exit in the Elite Eight, the son of Rowan can hoop and he’s taking his talents to the League where he’ll likely be a top 5 pick–with shoe deal and all.

Bridget gets Picked

We all know Carleton University is a Canadian hoops hotbed but if you don’t know Bridget Carleton, it’s a good time to tune in. Getting picked in the second round of the WNBA draft this week, Bridget’s pro career is getting started with the Connecticut Suns where she’ll look to make an impact like she did in March Madness with her performance at Iowa State.

Magic up and quits

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The Magic Era is over.

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The only surprise so far in the above was that Corey guy but the real surprise this week was Magic deciding that running the Lakers is tough so he quit while saying being just Magic is more “fun.” Given how well Lebron’s recruitment went and how bad of a season followed, we’re not sure we can blame him.

Banana Boat Crew Reunites

At least one guy on the Lakers is still having fun in spite of the disastrous season that was. Putting the band back together, Lebron, Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony all sat court side in Brooklyn this week to send off their banana boat buddy Dwayne Wade who is riding into retirement about as gracefully as can be. Too bad we can’t say Melo is on the same path but at least the gang sure knows how to have fun with it.

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