3 Watches to Celebrate the Tour de France

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3 Watches to Celebrate the Tour de France


After 23 days on the winding roads of France with the final leg along the Champs-Élysées, the most iconic cycling event has come and gone.

This year’s Tour de France made history with Team Ineo’s, Egan Bernal, becomming the first Columbian to win and the youngest rider to hold the title in 110 years. To commerate the momemnt, Tissot’s President, François Thiébaud, presented Bernal with a Tissot Special Edition Tour de France watch.

In a sport that comes down to a photo finish, seconds matter. As the official timepiece and Timekeeper of the Tour, Tissot launched two 2019 special edition watches in the colors of the event. A special non-limited watch was also designed with a commitment to cycling in mind.

Take a look at the timepieces fit for a champion.

  • Tissot T-Race Cycling Tour de France 2019
    Tissot T-Race Cycling Tour de France 2019 - Special Edition ($675 CAD)
    Decked out in black and yellow, the official colors of the Tour, the design of this new watch was inspired by racing bicycles. The fork of the bike is reflected in the lugs and the hands of the watch, the pushers are inspired by brake levers, and the back of the bracelet is designed to look like the chain of a bike. Don’t miss the special Tour de France engraving on the back!

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