Step your game up. We’ve rounded up everyday gadgets that make use of technology to help you improve your health no matter what your daily routine is. From earphones that we promise will stay in your ears and be comfortable to a self-cleaning water bottle, better yourself and your everyday life with tiny tec.

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Dreem headband

Ever get a full night’s sleep, but still wake up groggy? Take away the guesswork of where your snooze went wrong with this sleep tracker. Using real-time, night after night data, Dreem allows you to get a clear picture of what happens when you drift off. The flexible headband collects data on your heart rate, breathing and sleeping positions so you can get a clear picture of your nightly routine and break out of a bad sleep cycle. Your mornings just got better. Currently sold out, sign up for their mailing list here.

GymTech Pro Shorts

Using electrical muscle stimulation technology, GymTech Pro Shorts target your hamstrings and glutes to improve everyday workouts and create faster results. If you’re not looking to get sweaty, GymTech offers a 10-minute beginner workout from the comfort of sitting on your couch. Build a firmer booty while watching Netflix? Sign us up. $155.95 USD

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Gym lockers are still a thing. Why? We don’t know. But cut the fuss out of having to remember your combination with this finger-print driven device. Bonus: It’s TSA approved, which means it’s good for the gym or for travel. Starting at $49.99 USD

Google Pixel Buds

These earphones are tiny in size, but big in specs. The Google Pixel Buds feature Adaptive Sound, which automatically changes volume depending on your surroundings, and the touch control means you can change songs, pause, stop and more, all with the swipe of your finger—no phone required. With their specially designed fit, you can feel confident that they’ll stay comfortably in your ear whether you’re on your daily commute or at the gym. $239

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Samsung Z Flip

The comeback of the flip-phone—with a twist. This full screen phone utilizes a revolutionary flexible glass that allows it to fold and become half the size. The front cover is interactive—even when folded—so you’re always connected. This compact design guarantees that the device won’t be disruptive to your workout. Finally, a phone that fits into the “pocket” provided with leggings. Starting at 1819.99

LARQ water bottle

You’ll never need another water bottle again. Say goodbye to questionable smells and potential germs. With the LARQ water bottle’s ultraviolet light technology, you can be sure that your bottle—and the water inside of it—is always clean. In just 60-seconds, LARQ’s ‘Adventure Mode’ neutralizes 99.9999%* of harmful bacteria and viruses, so can focus more on your workout, and less on the quality of water at your gym. Starting at $99

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Oura Smart Ring

Transform your everyday health with the insights from the Oura Ring. This tiny gadget tracks your health using advanced sensors and pulls data all from the base of your finger. Each day, Oura delivers three daily scores: Sleep, Readiness and Activity, to help you harness your body’s full potential. Made from titanium and weighing less than 0.25oz, the ring is just as fashionable as it is functional. $299 USD

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