Sports are off, games are postponed and athletes are likely at home like the rest of us. So, how are they adapting to the current times? We caught up with Toronto F.C’s Jonathan Osorio for some quick Q’s on how the team is staying busy, his thoughts on the Olympics and what life after sport might bring.

How are you staying game-ready during this period of social distancing?
I am currently staying in Brampton at my family’s house where they have a basement that I have turned into my personal gym. Everyday, Toronto FC sets up video calls to do group workouts and that’s how we are staying ready.

How are you spending your down time?
I am definitely binge-watching a lot of Netflix, playing card games with the family, and started my 1000-piece puzzle.

What do you think of Team Canada and the Olympic’s recent decision of postponement?
I think it’s the right decision. Sports is secondary to our family and health and our health is what is at stake during the tough times. As an athlete you work so hard and look forward to competing at the biggest stage, but I think the Canadian Olympians will understand and stand by the decision.

TFC has also had to postpone games. How did you feel when you initially heard the news?
When I heard the news, I was not surprised given that the other major leagues were doing the same thing. All I can say to the fans is that everybody’s health is more important at this time and to remember that soccer will be back eventually.

This period of time-off has other athletes we’ve spoken to starting to think of life post-sport. Have you given any thought to this?
I’ve given it some thought even before this situation became what it is. It’s something as an athlete you should think about and prepare yourself for as early as possible. I have a couple of interests outside of soccer but the truth is I still don’t know exactly what I will be doing post-career. Could still have something to do with soccer!

When sports ultimately do resume, there’s talks of playing without spectators. What role do fans have in the sport/game experience – can you have one without the other?
Fans are everything for sport. They make sports what they are today, without fans it just wouldn’t be the same. Saying that, I think if it really came to it and it was safer to have no fans, then I think playing without spectators would have to be the temporary solution until it is safe. 

We’re all going through a bit of withdrawal and are reflecting on sports moments. What is one of your top sports memories?
My favourite sports moment personally is winning the MLS CUP in 2017 at BMO Field. As a fan and as a kid from Toronto, I’ll never forget how amazed I was as a 7 year old watching Vince Carter in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest in the year 2000!

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