Forty-two years since the start of the Marathon of Hope, the Terry Fox Foundation is kicking off this year’s annual Terry Fox Run with the launch of a limited-edition T-shirt designed by eminent Canadian artist Douglas Coupland in collaboration with the Fox family. Launching earlier this month, the shirt features a dot-screened portrait of Terry and the words “I’m Not a Quitter” printed on the sleeve or back, inspired by a quote from Terry in 1980, “Nobody is ever going to call me a quitter.”

“The idea for the shirt is to offer a great keepsake of the run and everyone’s contribution to such a great cause,” says Coupland. “On the front, there’s this beautiful picture of Terry. Of course, 42 years into the run, it’s really hard to find a fresh picture of him, but we did and they turned out so well.”

To mark this milestone moment, the foundation has partnered with a diverse mix of remarkable Canadians across music, film, and sports including Alessia Cara, Michael Bublé, Rachel McAdams, Sidney Crosby, and Tessa Virtue.

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“When you put it on, it feels like you’re participating in something,” adds Coupland. “Of course, that’s what the run is all about. When people participate in the run and wear the shirt, they feel as though they’re helping to complete Terry’s mission and, really, they are.”

Supporters can also take solace in the fact that all proceeds will be sent directly towards Canadian cancer research, as opposed to charities whose givings are sacrificed for overhead.

“A lot of charities and organizations, when you offer them support, only about 20-25 percent of the proceeds actually go to the proper cause,” explains Coupland. “It’s appalling. But when you give to the Terry Fox Foundation, it all goes to fundamental cancer research. It helps people feel good about giving and, of course, it helps people who have been with the foundation for so long, like myself, feel good about the work we do and how it contributes to Terry’s mission. […] These shirts are just a small encapsulation of that.”

You can find more information on how to support the Terry Fox Foundation and Coupland’s designs here.

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