This homegrown brand is about to make your post-office fitness routine so much easier. 

To commit to an active lifestyle is to commit to compromise. From skipping after-work happy hour drinks with friends to losing out on a crucial extra hour of sleep for an early workout, these common sacrifices help build tenacity and achieve goals. 

But maintaining an active lifestyle shouldn’t always take away from actively living life. Ideally, it would slip into a part of your everyday, so no aspect of your life would have to suffer when you’re making the time to workout. With everything from convenient, portable deodorant wipes to the thoughtfully crafted on-the-go backpack, active lifestyle brand FWD—an acronym for Forward With Design, which is also the brand ethos—is here to help ease the transition between work, workouts, and going out. 

Available exclusively at Sport Chek and, the line features products that solve this daily struggle in most categories including accessories, cosmetics, body care, and hydration. FWD is a first of its kind, creating products to connect the dots between work, fitness, and social time. You can curate the perfect on-the-go bag that makes moving from one activity to the next seamless, integrating fitness into your routine. Made from durable materials that are meant to last, FWD’s bags are designed function-first for easy access to your tools for a healthier lifestyle. 

Of particular interest are the brand’s body and deodorant wipes. Perfectly proportioned and mindfully created, the wipes are made with 95 percent plant-based ingredients, additional botanical actives, and superfoods. To decrease the brand’s carbon footprint, the wipes are made in a North American solar-powered factory—owned and operated by women—using sustainably sourced and biodegradable wood and bamboo pulp. In addition, the deodorant wipes are specially formulated to remove sweat, oils and body odours, to ensure you always arrive fresh.  

Sport Chek FWD

Available in muted colourways with bright accents and a sleek, streamlined design, the innovative Canada-born brand will not only help save time, but also compliment your everyday wardrobe. 

FWD will take away hassle from your everyday and replace it with smooth, easy transitions so you can live your life to its best potential and keep moving forward—with great, functional design at your side. 

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