Rock ‘N Karma’s Naomi Shapiro Makes a Living off Positive Energy

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Rock ‘N Karma’s Naomi Shapiro Makes a Living off Positive Energy

Good vibes only.

Naomi Shapiro founded ROCK ‘N KARMA with her sister Devorah with a passion for fashion, music and art in mind. The creative duo create clothing for Toronto’s chicest movers. From handcrafted couture jackets featuring hand-beaded quotes to a simple “miracle fabric” (designed to lift, sculpt and compliment any wearer) tank top in black, they do it all.

The positive vibes flow from Shapiro’s designs to her fitness regimen and lifestyle. Think Cali in the Seventies vibes with a rock and roll edge. Test out the brand at the Queen Street West flagship — always featuring a fun and relevant jacket slogan in the window.

Here, Shapiro breaks down her day-to-day wellness routine and let’s us in on some of that infectious positive energy.

Can you tell me about your morning routine?

I like to wake up early and get started with a quick work out before heading out the door to begin my day. It’s important to me to have time in the morning to spend on myself before a busy day of appointments, fittings and meetings with clients at the ROCK ‘N KARMA flagship on Queen Street in Toronto.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being a couch potato and 10 being a fitness guru) where do you sit when it comes to health and wellness?

I’m probably a 7; I don’t watch TV at all and live a very active lifestyle; I work out 3-4 times per week and am always running from meeting to meeting, so I definitely get my steps in! In terms of wellness, I try to make healthy choices when I’m out with family or friends but prefer to live in the moment and enjoy myself rather than follow any strict rules or diets.

What are some of your go-to meals at restaurants or at home? 

My husband does all the cooking at home and keeps it simple; fish and veggies are a staple in our house throughout the week. One thing that is very important to me is Friday night dinners with family and home cooked food – I look forward to it every week. We also love to try new restaurants around our neighbourhood are very adventurous with exploring new menus and dishes! I try to keep a balance.

Do you take a lunch break during the day? 

It depends on the day! As a business owner and entrepreneur, no two days are the same. I’m a very passionate person and love to throw myself into my work, so I tend to eat when I can and treat each day as a new adventure. Working in fashion is a busy job so on the rare occasion that I do get a proper lunch break, I like to listen to music in the ROCK ‘N KAMA lounge upstairs.

What are other important things you do for yourself to feel pampered? 

I’m naturally a very active person and like to keep myself busy, especially with running the store – there is always something to do! I love taking walks with my husband and going to the spa, but my favourite way to treat myself is taking time to travel and explore the world. I love adventure and new experiences, so it is very important to me to make time for it in my life.

When you go for vacation are you looking for relaxation or adventure?

I like a bit of both, but definitely prefer adventure. I love experiencing new cultures, discovering new places and trying new things. There is so many incredible places to go and people to meet; I want to see it all!

What are your favourite spots in the city to work out?

I typically work out in my home gym, but when the weather is nice, I love getting outside and doing activities. Going on walks, exploring our neighbourhood and spending time in nature is my favourite way to get exercise.

Are there any fitness products that have been a part of your health journey? 

I don’t like to create strict rules or follow apps; I like to go with the flow and do what feels best for me in the moment.

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