We’ve been told to practice social distancing, wash our hands frequently and avoid busy areas but what does mean for our fitness goals?! If you’re anything like me, you’re looking to keep up with your fitness routine which means working out at home in the short term might be the best option.

When setting up an in-home workout circuit, I like to choose functional exercises that will target multiple muscles groups at the same time in order to get the most bang out of each exercise. I always choose the exercise that hits the largest muscle group first (i.e. legs) since it’s likely I’ll have the most energy early in my routine and then end with the exercise that targets the smallest muscle group like core.

Here’s a 4 move circuit that will hit every muscle in your body, boost your metabolism and make you stronger!


1. Dumbbell Clean to Drop Lunge Press: Perform for 10x per side. Targets legs, core, and shoulders.

2. Forward Lean Dual DB Stack Rows: Perform 10x per side. Targets back and quads.

3. Pushup to T- Extensions: Perform 10x per side. Targets chest, shoulders, triceps and core.

4. DB Situps: Perform 15x. Targets core.


Rest for 45 seconds between rounds then repeat circuit for 4 additional rounds.


1. Split Squat Jumps. Perform 15-20x per side. Targets quads, hamstrings and balance.


2. Elevated Spiderman Pushups. Perform 10x per side. Targets chest, arms and core  

3. Dips to Knee Tucks. Perform 16-20x. Targets triceps, hamstrings and core.

4. Prone Lateral Bench Hops. Perform 20x per side. Great metabolic movement to kick up workout intensity.

5. V-Sit Swivels. Perform 20x total. Targets core.

Rest 45 seconds between rounds then repeat for 4 additional rounds.

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