Tyrone Edwards rarely has down time, and he enjoys his busy schedule that often has him bouncing between countries and continents. This meant that Edwards had to figure out an approach to wellness that was flexible, adaptable and portable. His formula continues to evolve, but online spin classes, smoothie bowls and a few minutes of silence every day are at the crux of it.

Edwards shares his blueprint to living your best life, mentally, physically and spiritually.

How do you start your day?

My morning starts with SAVERS, which is something I found in a book I was given as a gift. S is for silent, A is for affirmation, V is for visualizing, E is for exercise, R is for reading and S is for scribing. Depending where I’m at in terms of energy, and how organized I am, I can go anywhere from two to 10 minutes for each thing. The goal is to get to a point where I am waking up an hour early each morning to do this in order to get my mind, body and spirit up.

You are very open on social media about your health journey, was there a moment or a spark that sent you on this path?

Last year, I was 50 pounds heavier than I am now. It started when I was doing an interview with Leonardo DiCaprio and we were talking about climate change. He said something about red meat; not discarding it, but eating it once a month. I was like, ‘okay, I’m going to do that.’ When I did it, I lost a lot of weight. That got me to change how I was eating.

What are some of your go to restaurants and menu items in the city?

Cali Love has excellent smoothie bowls, acai bowls and power smoothies, filled with ingredients I love. For the smoothies bowls, I get the Fabulous, which has dragon fruit, coconut, banana and mango, topped with blueberries, pineapple and chia seeds. I go to Impact Kitchen for a healthy breakfast after a workout. We have healthy options in this city, so I don’t really have an excuse to fall off.

Are there any fitness products that have been a part of your health journey?

Peloton is a spin class, and the bike has a built-in screen. You can go into a class live with other people around the world, or you can go to pre-recorded classes. I always hated spin classes, but I got a chance to try this bike and I fell in love with it. There is one instructor Ally Love, and her classes are dope: she is always talking that talk to the class, saying motivational things so you don’t quit, and I will be like, ‘how did she know I was about to quit?’ Recently, I’ve been looking my best, and the Peloton bike is a part of that.

Tyrone Edwards ETalk

Do you use any apps, a Fitbit, or even the step counter in your phone to track your progress?

You know what my counter is? Sweat. I’ve been using the hashtag #sweatthere because I had a goal. How am I going to get there? I’m going to ‘sweat there.’ I make myself accountable by putting it on my highlights on Instagram. I’m using social media to make myself accountable. I also want to use my influence to say this is a way of living. I can still live a cool, fun life and live a healthy and conscious one too.

Where are your favourite spots to workout in the city?

Big Hit Kickboxing Studios is my spot. For me, it’s about sweat. Whatever it is I’m doing, it’s about getting a sweat. There are certain workouts that guarantee me that sweat and satisfaction. regardless of where I am in my journey. The kind of workouts I go to have figured out the science behind a good workout, regardless of where you are at physically. I also love Myodetox Bootcamp.

How do you relax?
Usually I go to Four Seasons spa. I know that sounds kind of bougie, but I work hard. I like trying different massages every time. I’m not hooked on any particular one.

You live a very demanding schedule and fast-paced life. How do you wind down at night?

I haven’t mastered that yet. My wind down is that I go until I’m done. A part of that wind down is a cup of tea. I’m a tea man. My top tea is called Love from Pukka. Being Jamaican, I also drink mint tea and ginger tea.

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