In February 2019, Forbes published a story stating that low and non-alcoholic beverages were on the rise, globally. According to the International Wines and Spirits Record’s Low- and No-Alcohol Report, dry January was gaining traction across the world, and this presented a new opportunity for the global alcohol industry. 

Fitting then, that in January 2019 Heineken launched a new campaign around Heineken 0.0, their alcohol-free alternative with the same characteristic fruity notes as Heineken lager and the same quality ingredients, just without the alcohol. 

For Kelsey Rose, a Toronto-based fitness coach, the idea of having a drink that smells like beer, tastes like beer, and is refreshing like beer, isn’t novel. Her and her clients simply like the way beer tastes. What more? Alcoholic bevvies are often associated with positive social experiences. And Rose is an advocate for living a balanced, healthy lifestyle, a far cry from the type of deprivation that’s been associated with health fads in the past.   

“In a city like Toronto, there’s that social pressure to go out,” Rose says. “If you don’t want to drink because you don’t want to be hungover, or you don’t want to feel sluggish, Heineken 0.0 allows you to be comfortable in whatever social environment you’re in because you’re still able to have a beverage that’s enjoyable.”

Heineken 0.0

With 69 calories per bottle, Heineken master brewers created the beer with all-natural ingredients. “Removing alcohol from regular 5% Heineken would have been easy, but it wouldn’t deliver the same premium beer taste that Heineken is known for,” Willem van Waesberghe, Global Craft and Brew Master, said. “Heineken 0.0 is brewed from scratch and has a perfectly balanced taste.” 

Rose recently gifted one of her “social-butterfly” clients pack of Heineken 0.0. “She thrives off being around people,” Rose says. “But she doesn’t want to have the effects of alcohol impact her performance at the gym or at work. Basically, she can excel the next day after her fun night out with friends.”

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