Today Nike released the latest iteration of the Adapt BB sneaker, the Adapt BB 2.0 ‘Tie-Dye’, combining eye-catching design with performance technology. 

All performance shoes claim to have the same benefits, increased stability, joint support, ease of movement and so on. Whether they actually do what they say, against all ware and tear, is another question entirely. With the release of Nike’s Adapt BB, a performance shoe that actively moves and molds to the needs of your feet, all doubts were dissolved.

Nie Adapt BB Tie Dye
Nie Adapt BB Tie Dye

Originally debuting in January, featuring Memphis Grizzlies rookie Ja Morant, the campaign solidified the company’s constant strive for innovation through technology.

The new Adapt BB 2.0 ‘Tie-Dye’ are a brighter take on the first release. With all the noteworthy features like Nike’s FitAdapt technology, power lacing, smart phone control and so much more. This shoe will comfortably customize itself to you while stepping up your court-side swag.

The sneaker is constructed with moulded TPU yarns and a Zoom Air Turbo cushioning unit to ensure flexible ease of movement.

Nie Adapt BB Tie Dye

To test durability, the Adapt BB’s endured riguous testing including 30,000 impact pulses at 780 pounds of force, 5,000 flexing cycles to imitate the natural ankle movement, heat testing at 140 degrees plus humidity and more. These shoes are meant to approach training with the same intensity you do.

While one can expect the shoe to drop within the next few weeks given todays announcement, Nike has yet to announce when they will be hitting shelves. However, if the first release is any indication, this iteration will likely retail for approx. $400 USD.

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