A Canadian mother-daughter duo are changing the fitness game with a Netflix-like model. Enter: Movement by NM.

Created by Gabriela Schonbach and Amanda June Giannakos, the platform enlists world-class Canadian athletes like Dom Temansen (Montreal Alouettes, CFL) to teach fitness classes to people from every walk of life. More than anything the platform aims to welcome everyone into the—let’s face it—at times, exclusive fitness space. Movement by NM’s mission is to help people incorporate movement into their daily lives and reshape their attitude towards fitness.

The subscription-based model offers a variety of courses taught by leaders in health and athletics that feel like personal training sessions. Whether you want to kickbox with world champion Farinaz Lari or unwind after work with a yoga class taught by the world-renowned Kate Potter, it’s all there. The videos are high quality, engaging, and focused on different avenues of movement, from moving playfully to the nitty-gritty of boxing combinations.

Sometimes following along can seem daunting if you’re just getting started. What makes the videos unique is that each full training session is accompanied by individual practice videos, giving technical insight on the right way to perform each move. It’s as if you have your own personal coach. 

“I was boxing [and] now I’m doing yoga. I didn’t realize how the impact of being free to understand that I don’t need to [only] move in the way I know how to move…Movement is movement, why not get an array of movements from [an array of disciplines]” said Rob Couzens, competitive boxer, in the Movement by NM Physical Education series.

Movement by NM

So, why did we call it the Netflix of Fitness? Well, beyond workouts, what separates the platform is it’s story-telling. To keep you motivated on your rest days—or maybe just when you want to veg out—the streaming platform features athlete documentaries and inspiring stories, as well as an online/print magazine. 

The service is curated to give beginners and experts everything they need to stay fit from home, learn something new, and reap the benefits of daily exercise beyond just the aesthetics of having a toned body. 

When your focus is to get fit, it’s easy to get discouraged. This service shifts the focus of working out away from measurements and scales. Numbers, who needs them?! Their holistic approach keeps you motivated by exploring the joy that comes from movement and how that can change your mentality in all areas of your life, whether you’re hitting the home gym five times a week or just taking time to stretch while your coffee brews in the morning.

 “It’s not at all about how you look or what your sports background is, It’s about you dedicating [time] to yourself [and] learning a skill to the best of your ability,” said Farinaz Lari, world kickboxing champion in the Movement by NM Physical Education series. 

Subscriptions start at $18.99 a month or $159 a year, with a 14-day free trial option. 

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