Mar 8, 2019: TWISSM – It’s Going Down at the OVO Athletic Centre


Mar 8, 2019: TWISSM – It’s Going Down at the OVO Athletic Centre


This Week In Sports Social Media was a wild one where we saw Drizzy get his own NBA practice facility, big changes continue in the NFL with a new addition to the Dog Pound, Serge loses his cool, and a bunch of amazing women unveil their new kits.

OVO Takes it up a notch

If you thought Drake’s domination of the Raptors brand had reached its limit with court-side seats, an alternate jersey and court, and his own club in the arena—think again. This week Drake’s OVO brand unveiled a new extension to their partnership with the Raptors renaming the team’s practice facility to the OVO Athletic Centre. Not only does he have a key to the building but the players will also take the court in jerseys with the brand’s iconic owl logo.

The Cleaveland Browns add an A1 Dog

While we don’t remember a more active NFL off-season in recent history, we are excited to see what all these changes across the league mean. Last week it was Antonio Brown resisting the ‘lure’ of Buffalo and landing in Oakland. This week Odell Beckham Jr. was moved from New York to Cleveland…..yes, Cleveland.

Serge’s expensive scuffle

In a seemingly meaningless game versus the Cleveland Cavaliers on Monday, Serge lost it. We’re not sure if it was something the other guy said—and while the play certainly didn’t warrant the reaction—we’re just glad we weren’t on the other end of his fury. Dude snapped—and it’ll cost him 3 games and nearly half a million dollars, so lets hope it was worth it.

We Called It

Last week we had a hunch, and this week we’re happy to report the U-Sports Women’s Basketball Championship was won by the ladies from McMaster University. Now, if only the Raps can tap into whatever is in Hamilton’s water for their playoff push, maybe some of that championship flavour will rub off on the NBA squad.

Sophie shows off new kits

Last week, the world celebrated International Women’s Day, and FIFA was no different introducing with New World Cup kits for this summer’s tournament. Veteran Canadian midfielder Sophie Schmidt couldn’t have been happier to represent Canada for the unveiling and expect her to have huge impact when teams hit Paris this summer.

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