Luxury Spa Amanpuri Introduces Wellness Immersions and Sports Performance Medicine


Luxury Spa Amanpuri Introduces Wellness Immersions and Sports Performance Medicine

Everything you can do at Amanpuri's new holistic wellness centre.

At Amanpuri, home to the flagship Aman Spa in Phuet, Thailand, the aim has always been to deliver a transformative experience that focuses on wellness, taking care of the mind, body and soul.

This month, the vision has expanded, as the spa now offers further health services like sports performance medicine and wellness immersions at its newly unveiled Holistic Wellness Centre.

The medical team at Aman works complements the treatments from ancient healing experts and alternative therapies. The space is equipped with with the state-of-the-art medical technology like live blood analysis, heavy metal OligoScan and urine indican testing, all in the quest to boost guests’ health and wellbeing.

The luxurious spa is the first resort to provide the medical services which fall broadly into three main categories which include, anti-aging and preventive medicine, aesthetic, and sport performance.

Amanpuri Vitamin Drip

Vitamin drips replenish the body with the vitamins and nutrients necessary for optimal immune health.

Paddleboarding Amanpuri

On top of being a serene experience, paddleboarding on the water is great for the core.

Amanpuri personal training

Personal training services at Amanpuri help you perfect your form.

Amanpuri Sunset Tai Chi

Amanpuri guests at a sunset Tai Chi session on the beach.

Amanpuri Fitness Centre

The fitness centre overlooking the water.

Amanpuri Thai Boxing

If yoga isn’t your thing, Thai boxing lessons helps relieve stress.

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