Traditionally, basketball players are known for three key looks: travel, game, and press conference. All are vastly different and equally important. Louis Vuitton is serving us all three with a side of French fashion this month with its Pre-fall 2021 release: Louis Vuitton x NBA Capsule Collection ll. 

Two men, one standing with blonde hair, wearing a Louis Vuitton bomber jacket, shorts, and duffle bag. The other man sits on a stool and wears a quilted Louis Vuitton parka, white sports shorts and holds a small LV bag.

LV’s Men’s Artistic Director, and the man behind the collection, Virgil Abloh designed a wardrobe that merges two aesthetic histories. 90s Louis Vuitton (boxy silhouettes, textured leather) and 90s basketball mania (bold colour and typography.) Think the era of bright purple jerseys with big red dinos on the front.

This collection expands on its first release with a wardrobe tailored to the busy life of a basketball player. A life we likely don’t have but can pretend we do with Abloh’s quilted blousons, relaxed hoodies, and luxury luggage.

Abloh paid special attention to the details. He incorporated netted elements and leather that mimics the feel and colour of a basketball. It might sound unconventional, but it works. Influenced by NBA jerseys of the 90s, Abloh covered shirts, and short in bold graphic letters. The fusion of traditional high-fashion and cultural iconography celebrates how fashion, sports, and pop culture can intersect in a fun way.

As a bonus, LV worked with Wilson Sporting Goods Co. to manufacture limited edition Louis Vuitton basketballs. They’re available in game-regulation size or as a collectible at 5.11 inches. The adult-size ball is debossed with the LV monogram and the collector’s item comes with a mini-hoop and backboard. Neither promise to give you NBA-level talent, but they can make sure you’re the talk of the court.

The Louis Vuitton x NBA Capsule Collection ll will be available in stores worldwide on Friday, May 28.

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Louis Vuitton X NBA Collection

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