Kristen Gale, CEO of THE TEN SPOT, Schedules Downtime in her Work Calendar

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Kristen Gale, CEO of THE TEN SPOT, Schedules Downtime in her Work Calendar

Video games, scheduled breaks, and 20-minute lunches. Here's how Kristen Gale achieves her best.

As a mom and CEO of a thriving business, Kristen Gale is so busy that even downtime is scheduled into a Google calendar. She is the creator of THE TEN SPOT, a beauty bar and spa designed to make you feel like a ten during your busy schedule that now boasts close to 50 locations across Canada.

Whether it’s setting her alarm extra early to get a workout in or keeping her phone out of sight in the evenings, Kristen Gale gives us her secrets and tips on looking and feeling her best, inside and out.

What is the first beauty or skincare ritual you do for yourself everyday?

It really depends on how busy I am during the day. If I need to rush out the door for work, I’ll just wash my face, add some moisturizer (I’m obsessed with my miracle 10 rich moisture, along with everything else in the line) and apply some mascara and a bit of foundation. I’ll even use my miracle 10 cleanser and rich moisture before I go to bed, I love it so much.

Your businesses focus on positivity and “feeling like a ten,” how do you make yourself feel like a ten from the inside out? 

For me, I feel like a ten by making others feel like a ten—that includes our guests, franchise partners and employees. Our business has a strict commitment to exceptional guest care, and we want every single guest of ours to have an enjoyable experience with us from the moment they walk in, to the time they leave.

How do you balance your thriving businesses, employees, and being a mom with self-care?

I believe it’s all about time management and making the effort to actually take care of yourself. I wake up early in the morning and workout to make myself feel confident and upbeat the rest of the day. In the evening, I’ll try to refrain from looking at social media unless I need to—it keeps me distracted, and I need all the free time with myself and my family that I can get.

What are some of your go-to meals at restaurants or at home? 

I’m more a grazer—I love to graze by and just stock up on any healthy snacks in my home or in the office. I’ll try to have a protein shake between my workouts and my commute to the office. I also try to make sure my go-to meals always have some type of greens, protein or healthy carbs in them. At home I’ll sauté some greens and add chicken breast, sweet potato or quinoa.

Do you have time to cook/make your own meals?

 Yes! It’s important for me to make healthy dinners with my son Jack, even when my days are super-packed with meetings. Whenever I have the time, I’ll try to cook some healthy meals for myself and my son. If not, Ubereats it is!

Do you take a lunch break during the day? How do you spend it?

Whenever I can. My lunch break is actually scheduled into my calendar so I can remember to relax for at least 20 minutes and eat something healthy and energizing.Whenever I have a super busy workday, it’s important I get at least 20 minutes of downtime to focus on my mental and physical health.

I’ll also munch on healthy snacks between meals – fruit, nuts, and one of my ultimate favourites – rotisserie chicken. Oh yes.

Are there any wellness products that you swear by?

Exfoilator! I can not stress this enough. In the winter and even during the summer, a great exfoliator is an absolute must in my bathroom all year-round. It’s the most beneficial way to treat your skin, especially after a wax or a facial.

Do you use any fitness apps? 

I use my Sweat: Kayla Itsines Fitness app every time I work out, and I follow Kelsey Wells’ workouts. These workouts kick my ass every single time!

Do you have your own go-to location of your business?

 I love all of our locations – they all have something amazing and unique to offer, but my go-to is our Bloor West location. We have around 12 locations in Toronto, and I try to visit each of them whenever I can to see how they’re doing and how we can work on making them better.

What are other important things you do for yourself to feel pampered?

Whenever I have the time to lay back and let myself feel pampered, I’ll visit one of our locations in Toronto and book a gel pedi. For one exhilarating hour it’s just me, my feet, and our beautiful esthetics experts. I can relax and chat with our 10spot managers and staff about the business while feeling like a guest at the same time! (or feeling like a ten, as I should say.)

Do you stay active all day?

Of course! As a boss, you always have to be active and feel confident in your own skin. Working out in the morning and keeping up with my beauty rituals helps me stay focused—and I never have to worry about fitting in a quick gym session before the end of the day.

How do you wind down at the end of the day?

Once I finally have time to wind down at the end of a busy work day, I’ll chill out with Jack, eat some good food, and we’ll play some video games. I try to keep my phone out of sight so I can focus on living in the moment – it’s a lot harder than it sounds!

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