While most associate José Bautista with a Blue Jays hat— and that infamous bat flip—he also hits it out of the park as a businessman.

Q & A

When did you start investing in businesses outside of sports?
It was after I got my long-term contract with the Blue Jays and had some financial stability. My mom was in the finance world, so I’ve always had that type of mentality about saving, being efficient with my money, and making it last. With some financial security and future income that was guaranteed because of my baseball contract, I decided to get a bit creative and be a little riskier with a small portion of my earnings.  

What Canadian businesses are you working with and why? 
I’m working with Endy, the mattress company. I became acquainted with the chairman, Rajen Ruparell, a few months before I actually made the investment—I was impressed by his track record. Learning about the business model and everything else Endy was doing with the product, quality, service, customer care, and branding was the icing on the cake. 

What is it about business that excites you the most?
I don’t like missing out on opportunities. It’s exciting to be a part of success, getting to know people, learning about new products and industries, and how businesses become successful. 

Jose Bautista

What advice can you offer young athletes about investing? 
Hire good advisors and have a good team in place that helps you understand that the number one thing is learning all the details of what you’re investing in. Find what you’re interested in and be authentic. A team allows you to take advantage of whatever potential opportunities come. On top of that, you need a solid foundation in place when it comes to financial planning; make sure you’re not rolling the dice with your life savings.

How do you want to make your mark on Toronto as both an athlete and a businessman?
As a person, I’d like to leave a lasting legacy for the youth of Toronto by representing my values. I was put on a platform where I could influence, and I hope I took advantage of that in Toronto. It’s important that I continue to use that influence positively to inspire others, especially young kids. That’s why I’ve always promoted the importance of education. 

I’ve learned many values as an athlete: hard work, dedication, being a team player, and how to achieve your goals. That’s what you hope sticks around from your time as an athlete. As a businessman, it’s about giving people opportunities to achieve their dreams, while achieving your dreams, too. 

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