Is Cannabis the Secret to a Stellar Sex Life?

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Is Cannabis the Secret to a Stellar Sex Life?

Experts weigh in on whether women should bring weed into the bedroom.

For many couples, a little greenery is the secret ingredient to a stellar sex life, with a pre-sex toke session an inevitable part of the whole experience.

But, is it for everyone? Like any substance, bringing weed into the bedroom should be approached with awareness—or it could go horribly wrong. The bottom line: Don’t make the evening you’re about to ‘seal the deal’ the time you re-visit your relationship with weed after a bad experience in the past, or try it for the first time.  

Cannabis makes people more present

“Overall, my clients report positive outcomes from cannabis use and sex,” says Dr. Jess O’Reilly, host of the @SexWithDrJess Podcast

“The most common response suggests that it can help them to relax and be more present and in the moment, which makes sex more fulfilling and improves their connection with their partner.” All of this contributes to a more satisfying sexual experience. “A few clients have reported that their orgasms are more intense, and they attribute this to the fact that cannabis calms them down and makes them feel less self-conscious, which aids in arousal,” says O’Reilly.

The experience of O’Reilly’s cannabis-happy clientele is backed by science; she points to research that supports that cannabis can have a positive effect on sexual arousal and pleasure. One study of 28,176 women and 22,943 men found that the use of cannabis is positively correlated with greater sexual frequency, with users across all demographics reporting to have sex 20 percent more often than those who didn’t consume cannabis. “This data mirrors what my clients report; they have more sex when they use cannabis because they find that it helps them to drown out distractions and be more mindful of the physical sensations,” says O’Reilly.

Sex drive varies from person to person, even after cannabis

Michelle Latinsky, director of education at Solei, a modern, sun-grown cannabis brand, references new research that suggests that some women enjoy sex more if they have consumed cannabis, but stresses – as does O’Reilly – that people respond to cannabis in varying ways. “Every individual reacts differently to cannabis, so the impact it has on our sex drive will depend on the person,” says Latinsky. “Other factors come into play as well, such as the strain of cannabis being consumed, or if external circumstances are impacting a user’s mood or stress levels at a particular time.”

Latinsky suggests that couples interested in incorporating cannabis into their sex lives should do their research and experiment safely and in moderation. “There are many different cannabis strains currently on the market with varying levels of CBD and THC, including strains that have been designed specifically with sex and romance in mind,” she says. “For example, Solei ‘Sense’ is a THC-dominant hybrid strain, designed for intimacy and special moments.”

With Canada’s current cannabis craze, sex and cannabis will inevitably be explored more frequently. “We’re hoping that additional research will be conducted on how cannabis impacts sex, and that Canadians will begin to speak more openly about their experiences,” says Latinsky.

In the meantime, just make sure you don’t choose a super sleepy indica varietal that will relax you so much that you pass out with your clothes on – a problem of cannabis connoisseurs for decades.

Here, a roundup of cannabis products to help you get in the mood:

Cannabis candle

The Herb Essntls scented candle, made from cannabis buds, patchouli, dry amber, and citrus adds a romantic touch to your bedroom. Light it, and let the candle fill the room with a deep and complex scent that brings both calm and relaxation.

24k gold rolling papers

Who doesn’t love edible gold? These 24-karat gold rolling papers are sexy and luxurious, helping you reach a new level of high.

Dosist pen in Passion

Dosist’s Passion pen is designed specifically to increase sensuality and heighten your sexual experience. Although the pen is not yet available in Canada, Dosist Passion delivers over 200 doses—approximately 2.25 mg per dose—to keep you in the moment.

Van der Pop Calla multitool

This two-piece joint roller from Van der Pop is made for novice and experienced cannabis enthusiasts alike. Made from cast brass, the silver barrel and rose-gold pokey makes for the perfect—and speedy—joint every single time.

Foria Empower

This Foria Empower pen provides a gentle dose of THC with each puff, which won’t dull your focus or distract you from your partner. Experiment with these microdoses, as everyone reacts different. Remember: it’s all about being inspired in the bedroom.


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