Olfactory advice from a former pro-athlete-turned-model.

As a former professional rugby player, Nick Youngquest knows what glory feels like. It’s more than winning a trophy, it’s about how you feel. We sat down with the face of Paco Rabanne’s new fragrance, Invictus Legend, to talk about champions, masculinity, and smelling great.

The new Paco Rabanne campaign focuses on legends. What is your definition of one?

To be a legend, it’s important to conduct yourself in a way that’s not just about winning. It’s about how you can make a positive impact. Consider LeBron James. In the years to come, what he did on the court is going to be equally as important as what he did off the court.

How do you wear a fragrance without fumigating the room?

One of the great things about Invictus is that it’s a long-lasting fragrance and recognizable. For me, it’s two sprays on my neck and one on my wrist. That’s all you need.

Masculinity is slowly being redefined for the modern man. What does it mean to you?

I’ve had a lot of strong women in my life. Understanding and listening can have a profound impact on your masculinity. For me, the biggest way I have seen myself change is by challenging [misogyny]. It’s important for men to stand up when they hear or see something wrong.

Fragrances are about finding balance between ingredients to achieve a desired outcome or effect. How do you achieve harmony in your life?

Sport has played a significant role but I think it’s important to indulge yourself, too. As we grow older, we all know when to stop. So, for me, it’s finding the balance between enjoying myself, getting my runs in, and practicing more yoga. I think it’s a combination of things that really make up how you feel and conduct yourself.

Do you have any grooming advice for someone who’s constantly on the go?

I have severely dry skin, so travelling with moisturizers is key. But tell a 25-year-old guy to moisturize his face, and he’ll look at you strange. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with taking care of yourself.

How do you keep your mind in shape as well?

Running definitely does it for me. I’m on phones far too much so one thing that I found very useful was not to run with [one] at all: no phone, no headphones, no music. I mean, it’s New York City. Whether you’re running in the park or on the beach, it’s all about taking in all the stuff around you. It’s amazing. Disconnecting from your phone is an important thing. I would love to throw it away, to be honest. But that’s not possible, so you have to limit your time on your devices. It’s all about keeping active and putting the right stuff into your body. That should get you on your way to having a healthy and happy mind.

It’s well known that memories and scents are strongly tied to each other. What memories and moments do you associate directly with Legend?

Scents are a part of growing up. As children, we always remember our grandmother’s scent even long after they’re gone. I think, for me, a lot of those scents are associated with nice experiences and nice times in my life.

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