Anybody who watched the 2019 NBA Finals could tell the Raptors have one of the best fanbases in the league. New data out of Ticket Source, though, shows that the Raptors also have one of the best fan experiences in the league, as well.

Ticket Source tracked and ranked a number of important issues to fans, including average ticket price, accessibility to the city centre, and the average cost of beer per ounce, in order to create an overall score for the fan experience.

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The Toronto Raptors and Scotiabank Arena finished third overall, with a score of 7.76 – sitting just behind the Utah Jazz (7.82) and Charlotte Hornets (8.01) as small-market teams.

The Raptors scored in the top 10 for a few categories, but the team finished in the top five for stadium capacity and city safety score.

Scotiabank Arena houses nearly 20,000 fans – 19,800 to be exact – and that doesn’t even count the thousands that brave the (at times) chilly weather in April to watch playoff games in Jurassic Park. Scotiabank Arena’s capacity ranks fifth in the league, a little over 1000 seats short of Chicago’s 20,917 capacity.

The best news for those thousands of Raps fans, though, is that when they exit the stadium, they can be confident in their surroundings. According to data Ticket Source supplemented from Numbeo – a crowd-sourced database for quality-of-life information – Toronto’s 59.24 city safety score is the fourth-best in the NBA, just behind Chicago, Boston, and Salt Lake City.

To top it all off, Scotiabank Arena is just steps from Toronto’s other great amenities. The Arena ranks ninth in the league – tied with the Timberwolves – for distance to the City Centre, just 0.7 miles away. Even better, sports bars on Front Street are just a few blocks from the Scotiabank Arena front doors.

Despite a middling season, Raptors fans can at least be comforted by the team’s bright future, strong leadership, and competitive fan experience. If that’s not enough of a consolation, perhaps they can rest assured knowing they don’t have Mark Cuban pricing their beer.

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