Here’s How the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy Was Made


Here’s How the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy Was Made

With the trophy in Toronto for the first time ever, here's how it came to be.

Today’s a historic day for Toronto. As the crowds swell and clamor for a view of of the champions on their way to Nathan Phillips Square, with their winning trophy in hand in the streets of Toronto, here’s a little history on how the trophy made its way to the city (for the very first time).

The Larry O’Brien trophy — created in 1978 and renamed after a former NBA commissioner in 1984 — is larger than a newborn at nearly 16 pounds and a height of about 24 inches. While the presence of the regulation-size basketball in the shiny vermeil finish is obvious, the ball stands on a podium etched to resemble a basketball net. Following last week’s game, today for the first time ever, the trophy will bear the Toronto Raptors name.

This year’s trophy was created by craftspeople Tiffany Makers, a production facility run by Tiffany & Co., who also crafted trophies for the NBA MVP as well as the NBA Eastern and Western Conference champions.

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