Thanks to the internet, being confined to the walls of your home during social distancing no longer means having to set your fitness goals aside. Home workouts have become the new wave as most fitness studios temporarily close to promote social isolation and keep members safe. To help member withdraws, Toronto studios and gyms have now made their beloved group fitness classes available virtually using social media like Facebook and Instagram or large conferencing platforms like Zoom, for free. These minimal equipment or equipment free classes will get your heart-rate up and keep you on track.

Fit Factory

Having temporarily closed their facility, FitFactory, a Toronto based gym, has created a 30-minute Instagram live program led by the studio’s top trainers. A substation for their usual 300 class weeks, the workouts require no gym equipment but promise to get your heart pumping and feeling connected during social distancing. Seasoned members and new are welcomed to tune in at either 12pm or 5:30 daily for a good burn.


Surf the Greats

Hosted by company CEO, Antonio Lennert, Surf the Greats is running Tidal Flow yoga and meditation classes on Wednesday and Saturdays at 10:30am. The classes are hosted by Zoom. These classes mix traditional yoga postures with contemporary movements from Ginastica Natural and Animal Flow. This workout will incorporate conditioning movements from surfing as well as breathing and body strengthening exercises. At a time where it is easy to feel very disconnected from the world, this class series will bring you back down to earth, no gym necessary.


A great way to decompress and make mental space during isolation, YogaTree has began offering free online classes through their Instagram. Providing both guided yoga and meditation classes for the next few weeks, YogaTree is offering a virtual gym for your mind and body. Offering a range of classes in different styles, each hosting instructor will provide a bio before the class so you can decide what is best for you.


With a cult-like following, F45 is dedicated to providing the same in house results your used to… just for the time being in your house. After closing their Liberty Village location last week, they began easy to do HIIT circuits at home on their Instagram feed. Now F45 has released an app where members can access a full catalogue of at home classes. There is no fee for anyone who is already a member. If you’re hooked after the few feed circuits, new members are encouraged to join the community.

6ix Cycle

Absent a gym with a dark room lined with spin bikes, 6ix Cycle, is making sure you can get your cardio in. With daily live sweat sessions available at no charge, the studio has created workouts that will have all the intensity of your regular spin class. Weekdays at 5:45 anyone with access to their Instagram account  can tune in and sweat it out, all you need is an open space and a yoga mat.

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