When it comes to the perfect gift guide, sometimes it’s best not to reinvent the wheel. Of course, we’re never ones to advocate running back the same socks-candle-card combo year after year. Still, we believe the perfect guide delivers something in between by injecting some excellence into the everyday. Below is our gift guide to items that offer your loved ones a much-needed upgrade to their usual lifestyle staples.

Bather Black Robe

There are few images more jarring than a robe worn well past its prime. This year, avoid such pitfalls by investing in a Bather Black Robe from the brand’s Resort 2022 Sweats collection. Made entirely out of Organic French Terry Cotton and finished with a unique sueding process that enhances the feel and comfort, Bather’s Black Robe is the stylish, comfortable replacement to finally send your loved one’s tattered housecoat into retirement.

Whoop 4.o Fitness Trainer

As the fitness tracker favoured by Olympians and professional athletes alike, it’s hard to argue against a Whoop 4.0 Fitness Trainer being the ultimate upgrade to your healthy lifestyle. Designed to be worn 24/7, the advanced Whoop 4.0 is lightweight and minimal so nothing gets in the way of a snatch, swing, or stride. Built with new biometric tracking including skin temperature, blood oxygen, and more, Whoop’s latest trainer has streamlined data collection in every sense. With no screen or incessant notifications, the Whoop 4.0 Fitness Trainer is the ideal tool to rid your 2022 fitness routine of unnecessary distractions. 

 Audio-Technica’s AT-LPW50PB Belt-Drive

As much as we love browsing through everyone’s Spotify Wrapped, sometimes, your favourite albums deserve an audio upgrade. Luckily, Audio-Technica’s AT-LPW50PB Belt-Drive Turntable provides the perfect platform on which to showcase your favourite tracks. The turntable is designed to offer optimal high-fidelity audio reproduction from vinyl and deliver the best possible output. It features an anti-resonance 30 mm thick MDF plinth, a high-gloss, piano-black finish to dampen low-frequency acoustical feedback and a sensor-monitored motor to ensure accurate platter rotation speeds. If that sounds a bit technical, Audio-Technica is essentially offering a versatile, dynamic turntable wrapped in a beautiful black, matte finish to make this the ultimate upgrade for any music lover.


The sudden surge of winter weather doesn’t mean you have to abandon your love of the outdoors altogether. Instead, allow HOKA’s Toa GORE-TEX to help you and your loved ones navigate the conditions in style. Leveraging HOKA’s trail running expertise, the brand has produced a “lightest in class” waterproof hiker for adventures across any terrain. Everything about the Toa GTX has been evaluated from a functional and weight-saving perspective. From the durable and breathable synthetic upper to the rubberized foam midsole and the Vibram® Megagrip outsole lugs, all elements are technically solid and efficiently lightweight. This winter, allow HOKA to give the gift of comfort as you brave the elements in impeccable style.

Rough Trade’s Hip-Hop Postcard Set

Sending a postcard in 2021 is already such a thoughtful, intimate gesture, so why not add an element of culture for the hip-hop enthusiast on your list with Rough Trade’s Hip-Hop Postcard Set? Ideal for either framing or sending, each package comes with four postcards that pay tribute to some of the most iconic rap albums of all time: A Tribe Called Quest’s Midnight Marauders, De La Soul’s Three Feet High and Rising, Public Enemy’s It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back, and The Beastie Boys’ Licensed to Ill. Created by artist Ben the Illustrator, this postcard set is a perfectly timeless collectable for those who appreciate the classics.

Noah Paisley Glass Set

There’s no holiday tradition quite as time-honoured as luxury fashion labels releasing a string of charming end-of-year accessories. Now, Noah is joining in on the fun with its Paisley Glass Set. Turn your holiday cocktail hour or your after-work whiskey on the rocks into an all-out occasion with this tasteful glassware, etched with Noah’s trademark emblem on the bottom.

Apple AirPods Pro

Few tech items have received as much buzz this year as Apple’s AirPods Pro and for good reason. Incredibly light, noise-cancelling headphones, AirPods Pro block out your environment so you can focus on what you’re listening to. Switch to Transparency mode and AirPods Pro let the outside sound in, allowing you to hear and connect to your surroundings. With a customizable fit, extended battery life, and unrivalled sound quality, AirPods Pro are the ultimate upgrade to an everyday necessity. And for the cherry on top of this perfect gift, engrave a mix of emoji, text, and numbers to make each pair unmistakably personalized.

Panasonic ER-GP80 Hair Clipper

When it comes to grooming, there’s no point in entertaining anything but the best. As a truly top-of-the-line tool, the Panasonic ER-GP80 Hair Clipper offers an extremely impact-proof X-taper clipping blade with carbon fibre/titanium coating to make it a durable travel companion. Featuring a fast 10,000 RPM linear motor drive for a precise, smooth, and powerful cut, the dual-voltage clipper delivers the fastest possible blade speed. Perfect for both the grooming veterans on your list and those who could use a nudge in the right direction, the Panasonic ER-GP80 Hair Clipper will leave everyone in your life looking their sharpest.

Nintendo NES Classic Mini EU Console

While the rest of the world scrambles to secure the latest console releases this holiday season, Nintendo is offering the chance to give the gift of nostalgia with a re-release of its first-ever system, the NES Classic Mini EU Console. With over 30 built-in classic games including fan favourites such as Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, Kirby’s Adventure, and Tecmo Bowl, the Japanese video game company is providing the perfectly timeless upgrade to your loved one’s entertainment setup. A gift fit for the whole family, the Nintendo NES Classic Mini EU Console proves that there’s nothing more enduring than uninhibited fun.

Ember Temperature Control Stainless Steel Smart Mug 2

Given everything you’ve endured over the past year, we think guaranteeing yourself a piping hot morning coffee is the least you could ask for. This season, combat the cold with Ember’s Temperature Control Stainless Steel Smart Mug 2, either as a luxury gift for yourself or a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. The mug’s extended battery life keeps drinks perfectly hot for up to 1.5 hours on a full charge or all day on the newly redesigned charging coaster. Just how hot you want your beverage is up to you, as Ember’s mobile app allows users to set temperature, customize presets, receive notifications, and more. Heading into the new year, give a gift that’s impossible to put a price on: a perfect morning.

Unguarded by Scottie Pippen

Following the release of Netflix’s hit documentary, The Last Dance, which largely chronicles Michael Jordan and his career with the Chicago Bulls, Scottie Pippen was left less impressed than the average viewer. Pippen felt his narrative had been cut short and his legacy undermined. So, this year, he set out to offer his perspective with an unflinching memoir titled, Unguarded. The perfect upgrade to your new-year reading list, Unguarded reveals how Pippen, the youngest of twelve, overcame two family tragedies and universal disregard by college scouts to become one of the greatest basketball players of all time. Filled with explosive commentary and controversial insights, Pippen’s book is the perfect drama-filled read to break the holiday malaise.

Nike Black Sportswear Storm-FIT Windrunner

Marrying innovative materials with timeless, universal style, Nike’s Sportswear Storm-FIT Windrunner is the perfect gift for those seeking the best outerwear available. A classic Nike piece redesigned for winter’s harshest weather, the Sportswear Storm-FIT Windrunner Parka brings the heat year after year. Down insulation and fleece-lined underarms ensures your loved ones stay warm, no matter how long they brave the cold. A parka length adds coverage to keep out even the most persistent drafts while the relaxed fit and neutral black colour make it a universal gift option.

Hennessy VSOP NBA Edition

The ultimate luxury gift for those on your list who enjoy an NBA-fuelled happy hour, Hennessy’s VSOP NBA Edition blends over 60 Eaux-de-vie into a single harmonious experience. A natural balance of strength and smoothness with hallmarks of vanilla, clove, cinnamon, and candied fruit meld together for a mind-bending experience. Now, that perfectly blended cognac is wrapped in an NBA-inspired Collector Edition Bottle and Gift Box Set. Together, Hennessy and the NBA are hoping to enrich your holidays with the spirit of the game.

Simba Hybrid 2500

There are few things more fundamentally “everyday” than sleep, so when it comes to something as integral as your mattress, why settle for anything but the best? This winter, guarantee yourself a good night’s sleep with a mattress made with innovation in mind and quality rest at heart. Featuring five layers of sophisticated and data-driven design, the Simba Hybrid 2500 is built to encourage a deeper and more restorative sleep. Using specially developed foam infused with graphite flakes to keep you cool and a series of coils to maximize airflow, the Simba Hybrid 2500 is the perfect companion with which to revolutionize your or your loved ones’ sleeping experience.

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