Art and utility come together in the whimsical mind of Toronto-based Pepe Bratanov. 

Co-founder and creative director of The Local Collective (an award-winning Toronto advertising agency), and the man behind Peppy Colours, Bratanov focuses on unearthing the extraordinary in ordinary, everyday items including those found in the world of sports. Combining his experience in the advertising world with striking pop-art visuals, Bratanov’s work isn’t only just for visual consumption but also something that sports fans can tap into directly with items like the Floral Basketball (developed with The Local Collective) or custom pieces if you’re looking for something exclusive.

Fans of Bratanov’s work can take in his upcoming art show, ALL I’S ON ME, in March, which will focus on society’s narcissistic and attention-craving culture. In the meantime, scroll below to view more of his work.

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