Feb 22, 2019: This Week in Sports Social Media


Feb 22, 2019: This Week in Sports Social Media

With the end of winter nearly in sight, the sports world is heating up.

This week in sports social media, we see a possible break up between the Jays and Mr. Stroman, Zion’s big fall, fresh looks from our favourite Raptor’s in-game host, and more…


Stroman does what he does best

In the heat of Florida spring training, no one was hotter around the collar this week than Blue Jays’ ace Marcus Stroman. After an opening press scrum that echoed everyone’s sentiments about the current Blue Jays regime, the starting pitcher instead used social media to remind his fans that he loves them, Canada and that he’s tuning it all out in the pursuit of excellence. 


Zion’s slip

You’ll have to forgive the social media world for going crazy this week after the kid, who some say is the next coming of Lebron, slipped right through his Nike’s. That’s not a typo. The kid broke right through his shoe, and twisted his knee.


Kat in Charlotte

Given the Duke-UNC game lacked any real entertainment value after Zion’s shoegate, hoops fans this week had to get their fix from the NBA All-Star week festivities, which blew up all over social media. Our favourite follow is the Raptors own in-game hostess with the most-ess, Kat. Kat was everywhere rockin’ her usual fresh fits, while bringing fans right into the action. 


What’s a Rivalry Series?

We’ve never heard of it either, but we can tell you this: the first annual Canada versus US Women’s National Team Rivalry Series, a best-of-three showcase intended to stoke the already blazing rivalry, went down last week and it was all sorts of goodness. Better yet, the Canadian ladies bested the US 2-0 so we’re sure next year a few more of you will tune in.


Celebrating “Homer at the Plate”

Someone told us recently that the Simpson’s was still on the air, and while we’ve been out of the loop, this week marked the 20th anniversary of the single greatest episode of the show, ever. “Homer at the Plate” had it all. Big stars, a battle for the ages, scandal, Homer J. at his athletic peak, and of course, Glory. Pun intended.

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