The new and improved Fitbit Versa 2 comes with a host of features, some never before seen in a smartwatch. The Fitbit Versa 2 is now available for pre-sale on the health and fitness focused tech company’s website and will be available for retail in September starting at $249.95, the same price point as its predecessor. Along with the watch, Fitbit also introduced Aria Air, a more affordable alternate to the company’s trend-setting Aria smart bathroom scale to be released in market at a later date.

Also launching September, alongside the Versa 2 is a new software venture for the company, Fitbit Premium. The heath and fitness subscription service available to anyone with most Fitbit devices will help track and analyze user data efficiently to provide feedback on how a user can improve their health and fitness performance. Loaded with hundreds of personalized workouts and coaching that utilizes these advanced insights, the service is available at a monthly rate of $13.49 or an annual rate of $106.99.

Here, some of Fitbit’s latest smartwatch best characteristics.

Built-in Alexa

Now users can take advantage of Amazon’s Alexa voice-command AI system on the go with a built-in Alexa feature in every Fitbit Versa 2. Including voice-reply to text messages for Android devices and other voice commands, Versa 2 is the first smartwatch with Alexa.


If you’re like us, you love organized consistency. And, the need for 7 different music apps on your phone for different devices is more work than it is worth. With Spotify Premium making its way onto Fitbit devices this fall, no longer will users need to add their music library into multiple apps for seamless integration across devices.

Sleep Score

If humans sleep for a third of our lifetime, it’s important to do it right. Are there ways to sleep wrong? Turns out, yes, there are. Common ailments like sleep apnea or too little (and too much) sleep can have serious health consequences on the respiratory and circulatory system. With a nightly sleep score, just like daily step counts, the Versa 2 allows for better insight into improving overall health and wellness. The score takes into account heart rate while resting and sleeping, time awake, sleep stages (REM, light, deep).

Smart Wake

Waking up groggy is usually the fault of an alarm that goes off when a person is in deep sleep. The best way to have a productive day is to start it out on the right foot. By analysis nightly sleep patterns, Fitbit’s Smart Wake alarm system will use a 30 minute window to find the best time to wake the user, avoiding deep sleep. One of the features we’re most excited about here at GLORY HQ.

Sleeker design

The Fitbit design team wanted to evoke elements of the human body when designing the smoother, more intuitive new smartwatch. Hence, the liquid-like AMOLED watch screen and smooth backing where the watch meets the wrist. A simplified one-button design and a rounded shape harkens back to classic timepiece design.

Customizable look

With an expanded range of accessories, the Versa 2 is the most-customizable Fitbit smartwatch yet. And, all first-generation Versa bands will fit the new watch — a comforting addition for OG enthusiasts. For those into extreme sports, a collaboration with RECCO will bring the searchable reflector technology used in avalanche helicopter rescues to the Fitbit. Another collaboration with the Council of Fashion Designers of America brings two bands designed by Kim Shui, which will make their runway debut at the designer’s  New York Fashion show in early September. Shui’s designs incorporate Fitbit community spirit with a band inspired by friendship bracelets. Plus, multiple house designs include classic coloured bands, more breathable perforated bands and the Versa 2 Special Edition, which retails for $279.95 and features a fine-dining ready navy and pink woven graphic design.

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