Director X Enjoys Crystals, Meditation, and His New Peloton Bike

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Director X Enjoys Crystals, Meditation, and His New Peloton Bike

How do they do it all? ‘Personal Best’ looks at the hardest working Canadians, and their wellness routines. This week, we talk to Director X who has worked on music videos with everyone from Rihanna to Justin Bieber.

When he’s not on a music video set, Director X keeps busy working on any one of his many other projects. After starting out in 1998 with his mentor, legendary director Hype Williams, the Brampton-born producer and director has gone on to direct most of your favourite music videos from Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and everyone in between. In April, Director X will host the 15th edition of the AGO Massive party. Learn more about the must-attend annual fundraising party here. Our friends at Bay Street Bull are also giving away 3 pairs of tickets (valued at $200 each) to the April 11 bash. Here’s how you can win.

Here, Director X takes us into his daily wellness routines and explains why meditation is so important to his mission.

How do you start your day?

I meditate in the shower ‘cause it’s a good place to be alone—no one’s gonna bother you in the shower.

How were you introduced to meditation?

It was something I came across and I said, let me try it out. I had done a bunch of research [looking for] something that works for me. You know?

Tell me about Operation PreFrontal Cortex.

It uses meditation [as a tool] to lower violence in the city. We’re gonna end mass violence. We’re working to bring meditation into the schools, into the correctional system, into the communities, into active community groups, and into the streets itself with a mentorship program.

That’s amazing.

When you meditate—in a nutshell—you can control your emotions and you can end wrong decisions. So you could see how this could be helpful for young people. There is always money needed so we’re raising money for the pilot projects now.

And, what drew you to crystals?

Well, the thing that really got me interested in crystals was when I got to orgonite. It’s based on the work of this man named Wilhelm Reich. It was pretty eye-opening when I came across this stuff and what it can do.

Are there any fitness products that have been a part of your health journey?

The Peloton bike has been very, very useful.

What are your favourite spots in the city to work out?

I love Equinox in Yorkville—that’s my gym.

When you go for vacation are you looking for relaxation or adventure?

Relaxation. My job is an adventure. Killbear Park in Georgian Bay is my favorite place to go with my family. in the summer.

How do you relax at night?

Just go to sleep, I just go to sleep. I have no routine.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being a couch potato and 10 being a fitness guru) where do you sit when it comes to health and wellness?

Five, six, seven somewhere along there. I’m definitely no couch potato but I’m not Mr. Workout every day—I’m not that.

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