There’s more to the Peloton brand than its shiny top-of-the-line spin bike.

By now, the much-typed Peloton name is a familiar one. Most associate the Peloton brand with its state-of-the-art spin bike that’s known for its sleek design, HD flat screen, and an expansive suite of live and on-demand classes. Turning the home into a personal spin studio since its launch in 2014, the Peloton bike—aptly dubbed the “Netflix of fitness”—has become the go-to exercise regimen for everyone from high profile celebrities to busy parents. What some may not know about the growing Peloton brand, however, is that it offers more than the shiny bikes that have popped up in homes throughout the world as of late.

“People think of us as a bike company; we’ve never looked at it that way,” said Peloton President William Lynch at a Canadian Club Toronto fireside chat in January. “We are a global fitness platform for the home, with the Peloton membership at the centre of it.”

Case-in-point: Peloton Digital, the expanded Peloton iOS app that offers over 10,000 live and on-demand instructor-led cycling, running, yoga, boot camp, stretch and floor workouts to the home—or anywhere you want. Launched June 2018, it provides the same immersive and high-energy online community that made Peloton famous, but doesn’t require the bike. In fact, the classes don’t require any equipment at all.

Peloton Digital members have access to a library of entirely new classes filmed live at Peloton studios in Manhattan, along with audio-only running and walking classes that range from 20 to 60 minutes. Like Peloton’s traditional video content, the outdoor audio classes feature inspiring instructors who lead the entire workout with you and are recorded live while they are physically walking or running, adding an authentic experience to keep motivation levels high.

Consistent with the Peloton brand, all of the classes are led by world-class instructors, cater to a variety of fitness levels, and offer varying workout lengths. They also feature no shortage of high-energy, nostalgic, and well-curated playlists. The app can amplify a user’s own home fitness equipment, be used without equipment, or enjoyed anywhere from the gym or park to a breezy beach.

For a price tag of $19.49 per month, subscribers gain access to up to 20 live studio classes daily. Peloton Digital can be streamed on three devices at once, allowing multiple people in the same household to burn calories and break a sweat. Peloton Digital now brings the brand experience to everyone for a monthly cost that’s less than the cost of a single boutique fitness class, and less than splurging on a Peloton bike.

For the avid cyclists, spinners, or boutique fitness goers, however, the bikes make perfect financial sense and remain as coveted of an item as ever. With locations now across the country, the Peloton showrooms offer an unmatched in-store experience that allows potential buyers to test the bike out for themselves. While the price tag may come as a wallet-dent to some (the basic bike starts at $2,950 CAD), many swear it’s worth every cent.

“There is a misconception that the Peloton bike is a rich person’s fitness toy,” said Lynch, who says this simply isn’t the case. If you’re a die-hard spinner, and already spinning at least twice a week, the bike makes a sound investment both dollar-wise and health-wise. “Our members are selling more bikes than we are,” he said.

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