Cristiano Ronaldo — it’s a name that needs no definition. The 36-year-old has reigned for almost two decades as one of the game’s greatest. His confidence on the pitch paired with his sleek attacking-style and ability to make hard shots has created a resume rivalled by few in the game’s history.

The footballer is familiar with big name endorsement deals with the likes of Nike, Armani, Coca Cola and Castrol just to name a few. His latest partnership has him joining Therabody as the newest Therabody Athlete. Therabody, the brand behind the Theragun the first handheld percussive therapy device, has changed the recovery game for professional athletes and fitness junkies alike.

Beyond being an elite athlete, Ronaldo can technically add ‘product innovator’ to his list of accolades. He was first introduced to Theragun in 2017, when Dr. Jason Wersland, Founder and Chief Wellness Officer of Therabody, held a demonstration for players and coaching staff at Real Madrid’s campus.

Having sore or tight feet muscles is part of the gig when you’re one of the worlds top footballers. After seeing Ronaldo use one of the Theragun’s attachments on the sole of his foot, Dr.Jason created a new Theragun protocol.  

The Theragun has since become a staple in Ronaldo’s routine, helping accelerate his recovery, prevent injuries, and improve overall athletic performance.

Here are some quick q’s with Cristiano Ronald

Cristiano ronaldo_Therabody

How important is it to recover properly and what does recovering properly allow you to do?

In football you have basic points — from training well to eating properly to drinking properly and so on, but recovery for me and from my point of view is the most important thing. If you prioritize recovery after training, you will be much better for the next training session and for the next game. I list recovery as the second or third most important thing to me.

Being one of the greatest athletes in the world, what do you attribute to your constant dominance and mobility in this sport?

It’s consistency and hard work with the use of all the ingredients that are available to me, like the Theragun for example, that helps keep my body in the best shape. It’s critical to work hard and at the same time to recover well. Not just the day after a match, but during the weeks, the months, and the years later. Longevity is the most important thing, and as you can see my longevity is great. I’m 36 years old and I can still compete with the best players and can still maintain the shape I was in when I was 20 years old. It’s not easy, but consistency is key.

What is your favourite spot on your body to use a Theragun?

To be honest I like to use it everywhere, and a lot on the legs, but my favourite place is the sole of the feet. It makes me feel so relaxed. It’s the best.

Cristiano ronaldo_Therabody

How do you incorporate Theragun into your recovery routine?

I use it almost every day. Before each game, I have to use the Theragun. I like to use it on my feet because it makes me feel very relaxed the day before a game.

What does taking control of your body meanto you in your own words?

My body is the most important thing to me; it’s my weapon. Your mind and body control everything, so you have to take care of the best things that you have and I do– consistently. I work hard everyday to take good care of my body and mind.

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