In Canada, summer is the time we all covet, but sometimes it feels like it goes by too quickly, especially when the past year has been spent (mostly) inside.

To help you slow down this summer, Coors Light has enlisted a few people rich with experience who have spent a lifetime perfecting the right amount of chill — grandparents.

Masters of Chill Coors Campaign

The Masters of Chill Classes by Coors Light, are a series of short clips taught by Canada’s chill experts. Each class has been personally designed by each ‘Master’ and features short tips on everything from outdoor activities like sailing and tennis to mellow poolside activities like cross-stitch. Whether you want to learn something new or just indulge in a few minutes of feel-good fun, this gang of grandparents are giving the summer vibes we all need. 

“Life is fast-paced, but it’s so important to slow things down and enjoy every moment,” says Rick Grainger, Coors Light’s Master of Chill. “Summer is the perfect time to chill, and with my class on lawn care, you’ll learn exactly how to do that, from an expert. Class is in session!”

Through a partnership with TEAMLTD, viewers will be able to watch the Masters of Chill Classes from home. However, we all know the only way to truly chill is to do it in style. To help up your swag game, TEAMLTD has released a line of Summer Tuxedos inspired by regions of Canada. With Canada Day around the corner, the fits are perfect for some homegrown inspiration.

Masters of Chill Coors Campaign
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