Celebrity Makeup Artist Pati Dubroff’s Summer Beauty Tips

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Celebrity Makeup Artist Pati Dubroff’s Summer Beauty Tips

The industry pro shares her easy tricks and picks for the season

The go-to makeup artist for A-list stars including Margot Robbie, Priyanka Chopra, Drew Barrymore and Natalie Portman, Pati Dubroff is the beauty industry icon behind some of the top red-carpet looks and magazine covers today. We chatted with Pati, in Toronto for a beauty event with Winners, about her go-to summer beauty techniques and tips.

What is your top beauty advice for summer?

There’s just so much more sweat and grime, so people need to really make much more effort and pay attention to cleansing and exfoliating to get off the environmental stuff. Number one is cleansing more than normal in the summer to combat the grime that builds up — this will help keep skin super, super clean.

What are your beauty-kit essentials this time of year?

In the summer, I might use a liquid bronzer to highlight the skin for a summery vibe, a primer to help combat shine, and blotting papers. Or I might use tinted moisturizer instead of a foundation, but it depends on the event.

Is there a right way to moisturize before makeup?

When I was young, I would take moisturizer and put it all over [the model’s] face. And I didn’t realize that was just making more work for myself later, because then I would have to deal with T-zone shine and stuff like that. Now, I place moisturizer very strategically, keeping it near the perimeter of the face, where you’re going to want highlight. Using that moisturizer is your first step towards highlights.

And then use mattifying primers through the center of the face, which will help foundation stay but it’s also going to reduce the need for using excess powder. Because if you can get that area matte with the primer, then you’ll need much less powder—over-powdering can add the appearance of age.

For your clients, do you use foundation with SPF?

I’d rather use a foundation that has zero or little sunblock, and then use a sunblock that’s like a fine mist to almost set the foundation. It’s a better way of blocking, and it doesn’t alter your colour. And for people that are super sun-sensitive, there are sunblocks that are in a powdery form that offer the ultimate protection, but the colours aren’t great.

What type of sunscreen do you recommend?

Definitely use a different sunscreen for your face than you use on your body; you want one formulated for the face for sure. And I like to use sunscreen products from more natural companies, and ones that specialize in suncare. The micro-mist sprays are great, they’re an excellent way to get that soft veil of coverage but not deposit too much product.

Any beauty tips for travel?

Flights are so dehydrating. For a longer flight, I’ll drink a lot of water, moisturize, and every few hours I’ll do a hydrating mist. And it’s a good time where you’re stuck, so use that time. I don’t paint my nails on a plane, but I might use that time to maybe put oil on my cuticles, moisturizer, or just roll my face.

Year-round, what beauty products are worth investing in?

Skincare is important. I’m all about really investing in my skin, so that my makeup can be anything. And then the second thing would be investing in foundation. Invest in skincare and foundation, and everything else can be play.

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