Canadian Brand Noktillu Shows Just How Fashionable Road Safety Can Be

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Canadian Brand Noktillu Shows Just How Fashionable Road Safety Can Be

Noktillu’s reflective designs and patterns can be ironed in 60 seconds onto anything.

It is sometimes said that “to be is to be perceived.” This is nowhere truer than for a runner trailing the fine yet nondescript line separating an uncultivated road’s shoulder from traffic at dawn. Or a cyclist making a sharp turn in a city flickering awake in the petering glow of twilight. Or a child walking to school on a stormy day. 

Canadian brand Noktillu — a line of reflective designs that adhere to clothing keep consumers both safe and stylish while performing activities outside — knows this. 

Being seen can mean the difference between life and death for anyone performing any activity outside — this is something that Noktillu’s inventor and owner, Monica Bellini, recognized one day while doing something as mundane as walking her dog.

Bellini had to trek along a road pedestrians shared with traffic. While cycling, she would bike past a school. There, she noticed the precarious situation the local children were in as they navigated their way amongst the distracted gazes of drivers. Research shows that half of all Canadians have seen a distracted driver in a school zone.

Cyclists are also more likely to be injured or killed at an intersection where traffic control measures are already in place. 

In 2018 alone, 60 pedestrians were killed while walking along or crossing a road. The risk of accident seems to be intimidating; almost half of Canadians said they would bike more often if they felt safer on the roads. 

 These impressions compounded to make urgent for Bellini the need for some measure to increase visibility for everyone. After all, visibility means awareness, and there’s a certain amount of safety to be found in others’ knowing you’re around.

Bellini was born in The Netherlands and worked in Belgium as a graphic designer, before coming to Canada in 1999. Having spent the previous 25 years as a designer for global agencies, Bellini is now changing the game when it comes to road safety.

Noktillu’s reflective designs and patterns can be ironed in 60 seconds onto anything from clothing and backpacks to bikes, cleats and even your dog’s collar, among many other items. Whatever garment that the design is applied to can be washed, and the design can be ironed over afterwards, making for convenient integration into your everyday. 

There is also an opportunity to work with Noktillu to create customized designs unique to a company, team or event. 

Named after the concepts of nocturnal, illuminate and noctilucence, Noktillu is one of the only Canadian brands currently offering beautiful and intricate designs that complement your current wardrobe year-round. In the winter months, a Noktillu design can be applied to a coat or snow pants; on Halloween, it can be applied to a costume — their “Ghosts, Bats and Bones” design will up the ante on the scare.

Made with 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material, the same material used on the uniforms of EMS personnel and firefighters, each design is reflective in low light and at night. With more than 28 designs — from simple stripes and dots, to butterflies, chevrons and clovers — there is something for everyone. The placement of the pattern is completely up to you.  

The designs emerged from Bellini’s frustration at the dearth of not only fashionable but also easy-to-apply reflective patterns. The market is saturated with generic reflective appliques that are utilitarian at the cost of being elegant.

Bellini wanted something with which the wearer could accent their style, creativity and personality. She also wanted versatility vis-à-vis the pattern of the design and what it could be applied to. Why couldn’t road safety be both beautiful and practical, Bellini wondered.

Noktillu is as versatile and unique as every Canadian who will use it. Committed to keeping Canadians safe as they live their best life outdoors, Noktillu will brilliantly ensure that you are seen and protected, all while keeping your personal style.  

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