Ever since its debut in 1967, Super Bowl weekend has evolved to become nothing short of a cultural phenomenon. So much so that even those who don’t follow the game are quick to join the festivities. From hosting Super Bowl parties to analyzing viral commercials at the water cooler on Monday morning, the weekend has come to encompass far more than just what happens on the field. Perhaps the greatest example of this shift is the craze surrounding the game’s now-iconic prop bets.

For those unfamiliar, a prop bet, short for proposition bet, is simply a wager in sports betting not tied to the final score or outcome of a game. In other words, they’re the bets geared towards the group at your Super Bowl party more fixated on how cute the puppy was in the last beer commercial than Joe Burrow’s completion percentage.

So, to appease those who come for the hot wings and stay for the Halftime Show or perhaps just those up North who have yet to affiliate with a franchise, we’ve put together our favourite prop bets for this weekend’s game to keep you engaged through the evening.

What colour will Mickey Guyton wear during the anthem?

Mickey Guyton performs at the 2021 Grammy Awards.

The national anthem remains a staple of all major sporting events, but perhaps none more so than the Super Bowl. This year, American country music artist, Mickey Guyton, will be commanding the stage with her rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner.” But betters around the world will be less focused on Guyton’s pitch than her outfit. The odds-on favourite is white (+250) with blue coming in close behind at (+325) but betters can find high value if they think Guyton will reveal her Bengals fandom by strolling out in an orange ensemble (+1500).

What will happen to the price of Bitcoin (BTC) during the Super Bowl?

If you’re gearing up for the same slate of Super Bowl commercials as year’s past then you might be in for a surprise. Cryptocurrency and NFTs are expected to dominate the ad landscape for much of the night which sponsorship money flooding into the game from all corners of the internet. Of course, we understand that not everyone is well-versed in the intricacies of the crypto world, but even if you can’t discern between Bitcoin and Monopoly money, you can still bet on how the market might fare throughout the night.

If you’re feeling confident, you can wager on whether the price of Bitcoin (BTC) rises (-130) or drops (even) throughout the game. Considering how many Crypto companies will be featured in the ad breaks throughout the evening, predicting their rise at -130 seems like a potential steal.

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Will the power go out during the Super Bowl?

Fans wait for play to restart during the controversial Super Bowl XLVII power outage.

What makes this bet so entertaining is how utterly simple it is. While some prop bets might have you frantically tallying commercials or tracking Bitcoin’s value throughout the night, this one requires far less of your mental bandwidth. Are the lights still on? Well, then the bet hasn’t hit. And while some football fans will forever remember the controversial 34-minute power outage that swung the Super Bowl’s momentum back in 2013, it should also be noted that this is (thankfully) a rare occurrence. Of course, history tells us that betting against the power outage (-100000) is far safer than siding with it (+2500). But what fun is that?

How many Super Bowl commercials will feature a dog?

Budweiser’s iconic “Lost Dog” Super Bowl commercial from 2015.

We’ve already touched on it, but if you’ve watched even a quarter of a Super Bowl in years past, you know that dogs making commercial cameos are a lock. Over the years, golden retrievers have become perhaps even more synonymous with the festivities than Tom Brady himself. So, it becomes a question of not whether or not we’ll see a dog-centric commercial, but rather how many.

In the mission to create an emotional attachment between car companies and consumers, dogs have become the token of choice. But if you’re cold-hearted enough to think the marketing power of a puppy has become saturated, you might find some great value betting under 6.5 commercials (-120) versus the over (-110).

Will Snoop Dogg smoke on stage during the Halftime Show?

Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre outside California’s SoFi Stadium.

Speaking of dogs, Snoop will be performing on stage alongside Dr Dre, Eminem, Mary J Blige, and Kendrick Lamar, making this one of the most star-studded lineups in Super Bowl history. But while a memorable performance seems like a guarantee, there’s one prop bet that still feels very much up in the air, so to speak. This year, fans can bet whether or not Snoop Dogg will smoke at any point while performing on stage. Of course, for almost anyone else, it would seem out of the question, especially under the authority of Roger Goodell. But given that the game is taking place in Snoop’s home state of California and his recent purchase of Death Row Records, we think the odds on a celebratory “yes” (even) outweigh the alternative (-130).

All odds courtesy of Bodog.

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