The biggest sporting event of all time – the World Cup – is in full swing. And for only the second time in the World Cup’s 92-year history, Canada sent a team to compete in Qatar. Although Canada has already been eliminated from the tournament in its loss to Croatia, Canadian soccer (or football if you’re not North American) fans are pleased with the country’s unexpected yet impressive performance in their three games against Belgium, Croatia, and Morocco. This showing by the Canadian men’s squad is already leading many to set their excitement for the 2026 World Cup, which Canada will be jointly hosting with the United States and Mexico. Despite being dominated by Europe for the last four tournaments, North American teams are looking to shake things up when they bring The World Cup to their turf in four years. Not only has all this excitement for Canada produced heightened national pride, but more people throughout the nation are looking to invest in the tournament through recently-legalized single-game sports betting. But, of course, single-game betting can be an uphill battle when you don’t have the right sources to help guide you – enter Canada Sports Betting.

Canada Sports Betting is the country’s premier betting resource, ensuring all Canadians placing bets – from rookies to veterans – have the tools to bet successfully with the best sportsbooks, like bet365. Hosted in Qatar, the games so far have been anything but predictable, and Canada Sports Betting’s experts are analyzing the action to offer the best possible insights.

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Nov 27, 2022; Doha, Qatar; Canada forward Alphonso Davies (19) celebrates with teammates after scoring a goal against Croatia. Credit: Yukihito Taguchi-USA TODAY Sports

What you Need to Know

Canada Sports Betting is a great resource for finding the best betting odds and editorial coverage for all major sports events, with an extra focus on the sports Canadians love, like hockey, and the teams we support, like the Raptors and Toronto Blue Jays. Online sportsbooks – which Canada Sports Betting conveniently compiles and reviews right on their site – compete for business by offering the best prices. Keeping it online also helps you skip lines at local sports lottery kiosks. When it comes to placing bets, Canada Sports Betting has all the tools you need. It’s important to first and foremost set a budget and to always play within your means. Fortunately, you can activate responsible gambling tools on all regulated sportsbooks to ensure you stay within your budget. 

The Canada Sports Betting team provides expert reviews of all the best-regulated sportsbooks in your region, each offering different pros and cons. If you’re in Ontario, check for the iGaming Ontario Logo on the sportsbook’s main pages to make sure that your money, banking, and other personal information are secure. Betting with unregulated, offshore sportsbooks is risky – that’s why Canada Sports Betting offers you a wide variety of regulated sportsbooks to choose from. 

Before wagering your money, it is also important to understand the various types of bets. For example, you might have different considerations if you are betting the money line, spread, props, or making a parlay. Having a general understanding of how odds work helps maximize your bets’ value, especially in a tournament as unpredictable as the World Cup.

Being a new sports bettor is daunting, which is why Canada Sports Betting is the top option for a curated selection of educational betting resources. This is especially true given the bombardment of new sports betting ads and punditry. To break through the noise, Canada Sports Betting brought on sports editor, Greg Warren, whose expertise offers both betting insights and entertainment to your research.

Nov 27, 2022; Doha, Qatar; Canada forward Alphonso Davies (19) celebrates after scoring a goal against Croatia. Credit: Yukihito Taguchi-USA TODAY Sports

Best Bets

The World Cup is full of twists and turns – no matter the odds, teams can surprise even the best analysts. As it stands right now, some teams are still vying for the right to qualify for the knockout rounds. 

Brazil is the overwhelming favourite despite not having won the title since 2002. The 2022 Brazil team dominated during the qualifying round. With the talent this year out of teams like Argentina, or the reigning champions France,  leave fans with plenty of options to consider before making a wager on the World Cup. 

As with any sporting event, results aren’t definite. Underdog Saudi Arabia proved that in this year’s tournament by beating Argentina, forcing them to fight for the knockout rounds. Germany, one of the top football nations in the world, is also worried about its shot at the knockout rounds after losing to Japan and eking out a tie with Spain. Check out the Canada Sports Betting preview for the World Cup matches on Tuesday, December 6th!

The World Cup is a popular event for a multicultural country like Canada – people aren’t just rooting for Canada; our diversity sees people cheering for a host of other nations. Get in on the action – and place your best bets for whoever you fancy – with the help of Canada Sports Betting.

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