From on-demand spin classes to “smart” boxing gloves, the new era of fitness is here.  

While you can’t download yourself a set of six-pack abs—showing up remains half the battle when it comes to working out—the modern advancements in the world of fitness make sticking to your sweat sessions and maximizing your workout experiences easier in today’s fast-paced lifestyle. Traditional methods (think fitness buddies and journals) have gotten a major digital upgrade and social connectivity features give you that push to be accountable while precise, detailed metrics give the nudge you need to keep working on those gains. Although personal trainers are not obsolete, the Internet of Things is shifting the future of fitness by gamifying, delivering data, and providing personalized guided journeys via innovations you can use on your own to make the most out of your workout.



The Peloton spin bike (dubbed the “Netflix of fitness”) is equipped with a 22-inch screen and serves up live-streaming classes from New York City featuring expert instructors (including pro athletes), which have a massive cult-like following. For those that can’t tune in, there’s a library of pre-recorded classes that can be filtered by difficulty, class type, instructor, and more. Trudging through the snow or getting stuck in traffic to get to your favourite class is now a thing of the past.



This all-in-one piece of equipment composed of a screen mounted to your wall and digital weight with adjustable arms (which pack 200 lbs of resistance) consolidates every machine to work your arms, legs, core, shoulders, back, and chest into one sleek and compact piece of hardware. With advanced intelligence built in, every rep and workout on Tonal is recorded and measured in real time, and customized based on your performance. 




Dubbing itself the Wearable Gym, Hyfit allows you to train anywhere with its advanced wrist trackers and resistance bands, which serve up 22-44 lbs of resistance. Complete with a heart-rate monitor, bluetooth connectivity plus rep-, time- and calorie-tracking, this compact gym on the go take customizable tension cord training to the next level. More than 250 video tutorials provide guidance for full-body workouts to help you reach your goals.


Fight Camp


Get fit at any time of the day with your own high-tech boxing studio you can set up even in the smallest of apartments. Composed of a shock-absorbing mat, boxing gloves, wraps, a freestanding bag, and advanced trackers you sport in your wraps that track volume, speed, and output in real time, FightCamp offers a library of workouts from beginner to advanced from expert instructors.


Technogym Skillrun

Don’t mistake the Skillrun as a mere treadmill. With Technogym’s signature Multidrive Technology, this machine combines a treadmill, sled, and parachute into one thanks to training modes that deliver controlled resistances on the slat-belt running surface. With guided workouts and your personal running profile saved, measuring your performance on the app or the 19-inch touchscreen during your workouts is guaranteed to keep you motivated and on target.




A sleek full-length mirror when off, and a high-tech interactive display with embedded camera and speakers where you can see yourself, workout instructor, and fellow classmates when on. Offering a broad range of classes (including everything from yoga to boxing) from its New York studio either streaming live or on demand, Mirror uses your fitness profile and biometric data to ensure you’re getting workouts for optimal results.


Hydrow indoor Rowing


Row with world-class athletes right from your home. Hydrow transports you to the water with live streaming and on-demand classes on the 22-inch touchscreen mounted on their state-of-the-art rowing machine so you can join a crew on the rivers of Boston, Miami, or New York. The visuals and sounds of nature will feed your soul while joining a team every workout provides the support and strength you need to propel forward.


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