A Five-Point Guide To Dating During the Playoffs

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A Five-Point Guide To Dating During the Playoffs

The geniuses behind OkCupid know dating during the playoffs is hard.

Just because all your waking energy will be spent with a few dozen men on ice for a few weeks, doesn’t mean your dating life has to completely suffer. 

OkCupid, the OG dating site, did all the research on playoff dating so you don’t have to, and the results are in. Here’s your guide to turning around your dating life, without taking your eyes off the ice. 

  1. Don’t sweat it if they play for the other team — Only 3 percent of Canadians polled said dating someone who rooted for an opposing team would be a dealbreaker. 
  2. When the best time to go for a kiss? —Probably not while the game is still on. 51 percent believe a kiss-cam moment would be a total mood-killer. You’re watching the game anyway. One thing at a time. 
  3. A little superstitious scruff is not the end of the world — A majority of Canadians are totally okay with some hair growth during the season. Does that mean it’s the best sartorial decision? Probably not but do it anyway. 
  4. Save the sports bar for the 101th date — No matter how good their chicken wings are, it’s never worth the sticky tabletops. An overwhelming 73 percent of respondents vetoed the sports bar for a first date. 
  5. Wear your jersey proudly — While only 22 percent were into the idea of dating someone who lived in their favourite jersey, do it anyway because some things are non-negotiable. 

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