Join us as we take a closer look at the NBA’s Championship Trophy won by the Raptors this year.

Every year, the NBA’s teams compete against each other in a battle royale to reach the ultimate goal: the Championship trophy and ultimate bragging rights as the best in the league. Originally referred to as the NBA Finals trophy, the cup-like trophy was later renamed to the Walter A. Brown Trophy in 1964 after the Boston Celtics founder, who was instrumental in establishing the Basketball Association of America (BAA) and, ultimately, the NBA.

A new trophy design was created for the 1977 NBA Finals and exists as we know it today, depicting a basketball over a hoop and basket. It retained the Walter A. Brown title until 1984, where it was renamed to the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy after the former NBA Commissioner.

While the original trophy was kept by the winning team for a year before being given to the subsequent winners of the NBA finals, today a new trophy is bestowed upon the top team every year.

 Fast Facts

– The Larry O’Brien Trophy is crafted every year by iconic luxury jewellery company, Tiffany & Co.

– Created in 1977 and renamed to the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy in 1984

– Made out of 16 pounds of sterling silver with a brilliant 24-karat-gold vermeil finish

– 24 inches in height

– Worth an estimated $13,500 USD

– The year and team names are engraved on each trophy, which are often prominently displayed in the winning team’s arena.

– The trophy is etched to resemble a basketball net and has the appearance of a regulation size basketball in play.

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