Learning to eat cleaner isn’t always an easy habit to maintain – keeping up a healthy diet and a clean kitchen can be a lot of work. However, there are several tools out there that are here to help eating cleaner a little bit easier on a day-to-day basis.

We compiled a list of five of these tools to help you eat cleaner and avoid creating a mess in your kitchen.

1. Air Fryer

Do you find your meal is missing that crisp, deep-fried taste that makes your food taste so good, but don’t want the extra oil and grease that often accompanies it? If yes, then an air fryer is your solution. An air fryer will give that crispiness to any type of food you enjoy, without having to use the typical deep-frying ingredients required. Instead, the small countertop convection oven will provide the crispy layer only using hot air. You get the deep-fried without the greasy aspect of it – it’s the best of both worlds!


2. Spiralizer

Have you ever wondered what vegetable noodles taste like? Buying yourself a spiralizer will show you just what you have been missing out on. Pasta made of carrots, cucumber, zucchini, and any other vegetables you enjoy is now made possible with this kitchen necessity. You can either pick your favourite pasta recipe and simply replace regular pasta with your vegetable strands or create a refreshing summer salad by adding some bocconcini and cherry tomatoes with your vegetable noodles. 

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3. Fruit corer

Is there anything more tedious than having to take out the core of an apple? It might sound silly, but these extra seconds you gain from using a fruit corer when getting your afternoon snack ready will make the world of a difference. Not only can you use this tool to help you cut up your fruits and vegetables in a much cleaner way, but you can also use a fruit corer to dig a clean and circular hole into a fruit or vegetable and add any stuffing you’d like to make the perfect appetizer, dinner, or dessert. 


4. Salad Spinner

The salad spinner is the magic trick to not getting your kitchen completely soaked when preparing your favourite salad. Simple and easy to use, this tool dries your greens without making a water mess. Not only does it help you keep your counters clean and clear, but it also makes your salad taste much better. If water stays on the salad leaves, they quickly become soggy and take away from the taste of the sauce. On the contrary, if you use a salad spinner, your salad will be tasteful and fresh. 


 5. Juice extractor 

If you like fresh orange juice in the morning and you don’t own a juice extractor, you are missing out on something revolutionary. Having this tool means you can make any type of vegetable and fruit into fresh juice. Whether you like to blend different fruit juice together in your morning smoothie or enjoy the individual taste of legumes, this tool allows you to create your favourite beverage in a matter of seconds.

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