Long gone are the days when phones were just a platform to call and text your loved ones. These days, your cellphone is an extension of yourself into the digital world. But with so many options on the market how do you know which phone is right for you? We’ve rounded up some of the newest devices on the market and broke down their tech specs so you’d have to. These picks offer all-day battery for life on the go, taking you from work to the gym to wherever the night takes you. 


Google Pixel 4A

The Google Pixel 4A packs all of today’s latest technology into a neat package at a very attractive price point. The rear 12.2 MP dual-pixel camera features HDR+ to automatically adjust lighting and colour for the best quality photos, while Night Sight means that you get the perfect photo regardless of the time of day. The 4A’s adaptive battery recognizes which apps you use the least to limit the amount of power generated for them to help maintain all-day battery life — great for when you’re on the go between work and the gym. With Google Assistant you can stay on top of all your tasks by sending texts, setting reminders and making multitasking easier than ever. Busy on the treadmill but want to answer your friends? Use dictation, or the recording app to transcribe notes for later.  —— Starting at $479


Surface Duo

This dual-screen phone redefines what’s possible with a mobile device. The Surface Duo features two fully functional screens which can serve to work together, or allow you to use two apps at once. With a 360-degree hinge, the phone easily goes from the dual-view to the size of the average mobile device for easy storing or answering calls. The 3:2 aspect ratio means that the Surface Duo’s screens are perfect for reading, streaming, playing games — or watching those at home workout videos. The all-day battery life means you can do it all without worrying about a dead device at the end of the day. 

— Starting at 1399.99


Samsung Note20 Ultra 5G

Samsung describes the Note20 Ultra 5G as a “PC in your pocket.” With the updated S Pen, your mobile device becomes canvas for sketching, note taking and brainstorming. With a seamless transition between your tablet and PC, you can bring your concepts to life all with the swipe of your finger — ideal for any business professional or creative. The Note20 Ultra’s three rear cameras rivals that of a professional photographer and the 8K video recording allows you to become a cinematographer. With a battery that lasts all-day you can explore all that life has to offer without worrying about being disconnected.

Starting at 1819.99

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