3 Fall Activities That Are Hidden Workouts

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3 Fall Activities That Are Hidden Workouts

Suzan Galluzzo is a GTA-based transformation specialist, nutrition expert, Reebok ambassador and owner of two studios, who strives to teach clients from various backgrounds, goals and abilities  how to transform their body and mind using exercise and nutrition.  Here, she has put together a list of 3 Fall activities that are a hidden workout. 

Fall is a favourite season for many. Clear and sunny skies with cool, fresh air and foliage in bright red, orange and yellow hues. This scenery calls for tranquil walks through breathtaking trails. With the change in season, it’s very important that we all get to enjoy the outdoor perks Fall has to offer before winter comes and everything is covered in snow! So pull on a warm sweater, a cozy pair of boots and be sure to get out there, be active and enjoy it as much as you can.

Here are three fun ‘fall activities’ that are also a form of a hidden workout.

Hiking Trails

Fall hikes and walks are a fantastic option to check out. There are tons of breathtaking hiking trails in Ontario. HIGH Park in Toronto is one of my favourites since you can do plenty of activities from hiking to renting bikes. When hiking, utilize as much lower body movement as possible. Take large strides even lunge to max your effort.  Be prepared to walk at least 5000 steps! The Cedar Trail in the Rouge River Valley, or the Don Valley Trails are also great local spots to check out, with narrow ravines and wide-open spaces there will be plenty of different scenic sights to soak up.

It’s important to take something healthy along for the hike to keep your energy high. Homemade like protein power balls, fresh fruit or vegetable snack mix such as green apples, almonds, and cucumber. If you are taking something packaged make sure it’s low sugar like Daryl’s, Quest or Susie good fat bars — And lots of water.

A Raking Workout

Raking the leaves is also something the entire family can do. Raking the leaves can be an excellent upper body workout. When raking plant feet shoulder width apart, grab your rake with a slight bend at the knees. Be careful not to round your back try to keep the energy in your core. So turn your abs on and bring the rake out back and forth. If you put slightly more effort then “just raking” you will work your lower body, abdomen and arms and shoulders. Similar to an elliptical in terms of effort.

Game Day

Football Sunday’s? Raptors Saturday’s? Whatever your sport is make sure it’s keeping you active too!  Fall comes with cozy game days and lots of food. The rule in my house around game day is we play a game before we watch the game. If you’re having friends over, invite them over for a quick boot camp outside or a game of flag football. Get everyone involved. Pick teams you are supporting. Have a list of activities. Every time the opposing team scores do one from the list.


  • First point: 10 squat 
  • Second Point: 20 push ups
  • Third point: 30 high knees
  • Fourth point: 40 jumping jacks 

And repeat till the game is done!

About Suzan Galluzzo
Suzan Galluzzo is a leading transformation coach and health expert with 2 studios in Aurora and Markham. She’s transformed over 2000 people to lead fulfilling and healthy lifestyles.  You can find her at www.suzangalluzzo.com, Instagram @suzangalluzzo, Facebook Suzan Galluzzo

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