Curated Spotify playlists, hats that provide counseling, and outdoor activities that can get you some serious swag — those are just a few of the initiatives brands have in store for Mental Health Month.

The truth is, mental health affects us all and if anything, the pandemic has put a magnifying glass on it. Stigmas around seeking help, having open conversations, or access to nature can be barriers for many, but that’s where these brands are stepping in.

As part of Mental Health Awareness Month, WIRTH, Arc’teryx, and Billionaire Girls Club, have come up with unique initiatives to help break barriers.


Wirth Hat

WIRTH, a Vancouver-based hat company, is a brand with a conscience that has been woven into its fabric since its creation. 

Co-founded by Ben Miller, WIRTH was created in honour of his best friend, Jakob Wirth who died of suicide in 2014. Jakob had dreams of starting his own hat company, believing they were a way to embrace your individuality. At its core, the brand serves as a reminder that mental health affects us all and is committed to breaking stigmas around mental health.

What they’re doing:
Why just look good, when you can feel good too? WIRTH hats are so much more than an accessory. The WIRTH counseling program helps sponsor individuals to financially assist with all counseling costs, those sponsored receive four sessions of free counseling with a possibility for further support. The program is typically funded by a mix of hat sales, hosting events, as well as corporate and personal donations. 

Six new hats dropped at the beginning of May to kick off the initiative, along with a launch of a limited-edition “Artists Hats” on May 3rd and May 17th in partnership with BC artists Annie Chen and Anthony Joseph. 


When isn’t Arc’Teryx doing something to make the world a better place? If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s the importance of time outdoors and the impact it can have on our mental health.

The renowned sports gear company launched the Global Outer Peace Challenge, encouraging everyone to spend some time outdoors. The reward? A promotion code to be used online or in-store to get the quality swag Arc’teryx is known for and elevate your Spring wardrobe. Bonus: if you go to your local store, you’ll get an embroidered challenge patch to personalize your gear.

Arc'teryx - Strava

The challenge:
The Global Outer Peace Challenge, taking place between May 17 to June 6 requires each participant to do an activity for at least 20 minutes, four times a week, for the three-week challenge. Everything from everyday activities such as running, swimming, and walking to more adventure-based activities (think: kayaking, surfing, rock climbing) can apply.

All you need to start or to get more information is to download the Strava app, go to clubs, and join the Arc’teryx Strava Club.

Billionaire Girls Club

It should be no surprise that Billionaire Girls Club—the sister streetwear brand to rapper Pharrel’s infamous Billionaire Boys Club—is using music to raise awareness for mental health.

It’s true, BGC has been off the scene for a minute. Originally founded in 2011, the brand took a three-year hiatus before launching a comeback capsule in 2020. It’s safe to say, we’re glad they’re back. 

The brand has partnered with Sad Girls Club, a non-profit organization shedding light on mental health and stigmas, and NY-based natural juice bar Mad Juicy to create a weekly curated Spotify playlist with uplifting music and special juices from the Mad Juicy Juice Bar.  The brands will also showcase a hybrid, virtual, and in-person “Soul Session” group therapy as part of their initiatives for this month, hosted by Sad Girls Club on May 21st at the BBC ICECREAM NYC flagship store. The founder of Sad Girls Club, Elyse Fox, will provide mental health tips all month on Complex SHOP. 

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